Are Your Family And Friends Demotivating You - Do you have any dream killers in your life? Dream killers are those people who discourage you when you are trying to change your life.

The Window of My Heart - Poetry is the theme for The Window of My Heart.

When Motivation Counts - Have you stopped to think just how short life really is? Do you realize that every day you spend worrying or feeling bad about yourself is one more day that you are putting off being happy?.

The Impossibles Your Own Testament Of Courage - We all have lived through seemingly impossible situations where we were lucky to survive.

The Married Mans Top Image Killers - Ever wonder why it takes your wife so long to get ready? Does it blow your mind how she tries on six different outfits before she decides on the one she will wear? Well gentlemen, the answer to these age old questions is because she is paying attention to minor details that she knows make a difference.

Your Target Market Is YOU - What is a niche? Your niche is your special place, position or forte.

How to Create a Happy Retirement by Tuning Out WellMeaning Advice - Many baby boomers have moved through life by making transition decisions all along based on external forces.

Living Without Plans Part of - Making plans requires a different kind of energy than following through with plans.

Enchantress Series the Beginning - If you aren't very serious about giving yourself the juicy, energized life you deserve, then you might not want to take the time to continue reading.

Universal Laws of Energy and Change Part - This is the first of two articles on energy and change, discussing intention and action and how energy affects all of these aspects.

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