Choosing The Right Retirement Community

By John Morris

There are many retirement communities available everywhere in the country. There are retirement communities who may offer the world to you and those who would provide you with the best comfort you need.

But how do you choose which retirement community you want to spend the rest of your life in? What is the basis in finding the suitable communities in your neighborhood? more...

Your Next Move: Are You Ready for a Retirement Community?

By Aldene Fredenburg

The kids are gone, your career is winding down, and you can think of better things to do with your time than maintaining a house that's too big for you. Maybe it's time to think about a retirement community.more...

Florida Retirement Beckons Active Adults

By Ray Philip

When the time comes to decide where to live after retiring, many active adults are choosing Florida retirement communities. Why? Because these retirement communities offer homes with all possible amenities set in beautiful locales. Often, no expense is spared to make these homes the best possible for miles around. Florida retirement can indeed seem to be a dream come true. more...

Best of the West - Retirement Picks

By John Thomas

I am pursuing my final career - and I am quite comfortable working a 40-hour schedule for the first time in my life. I take my time and pick my clients carefully.

I get to take a day off here and there for golf, and I travel around the western states every couple of months. Over the past two years I have been keeping an eye out for the perfect spot to retire in the Western US. more...

Radical Retirement Communities - Bali

By Jean Sutherland

If you've retired anywhere outside the US, you've done the Radical Retirement. Disbelief from family and friends is proof enough. Today people everywhere are opting for radical retirement.

Take Bali for instance. Bali's weather is tropical with the warm ocean waters that you'd expect to find. There's a landscape of rice paddies at the bottom of volcanoes, an eclectic local culture and miles of extraordinarily beautiful beaches. more...