Enchantress Series the Beginning

This is the first of a series of articles about recreating yourself and allowing your inner Enchantress to come to life! It's not for the faint hearted! If you aren't very serious about giving yourself the juicy, energized life you deserve, then you might not want to take the time to continue reading. The first step is probably the hardest of all. The first thing you absolutely must do is to place your life in your own hands. Your life is no one else's responsibility. You still need to follow through with those you love, but you can set the terms for how you are going to do that.

We'll get to that later. Right now I would like for you to get a mirror and look at yourself, look deeply into your eyes. While you are doing this, Firmly tell yourself, "My life is my own and I now claim full ownership!" You might feel fear when you claim sole ownership of your life. Your ego might try to take over and tell you that you aren't good enough, or smart enough; that other people are to blame for what you do in your very own life.

Or maybe you are afraid of losing love from those who you currently give your power to. Go ahead and feel those feelings, but don't let them stop you. Instead, try to find out where those feelings are coming from and start to work on those beliefs within yourself that are holding you back. We'll talk more about this is upcoming articles.

If you are going to live the way you want to live, right now is the perfect time to get started. Life is not a dress rehearsal and there are no "do overs". So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work! The first thing I want you to do is go through your wardrobe. Take out each piece of clothing that you own. If you don't feel wonderful wearing it, or if it doesn't fit properly, today and not 10 pounds ago, donate it.

No holds barred! It's better to have just a few good pieces of clothing that you feel wonderful in instead of a closet full of clothes that you can't stand to wear or that are not flattering to you. Be tough with yourself on this! Now, go through your house and do the same thing. Don't save anything that you don't love or that you don't absolutely need. Start with one room at a time and give yourself up to a week to do each one. The reason for this is to make room for new things to come into your life.

Clean as you go, an Enchantress has no use for dust bunnies! What else can you get rid of that isn't serving you well in life? We are talking about getting down to the bare bones of what is the most important to you. Are there toxic people in your life? Ditch them, be kind to them about it, but just let them go! If it's your immediate family, maybe you can't get rid of them. In that case, recreate your relationship with them, a relationship that works better for you.

Set boundaries and consequences for those that refuse to respect them. That goes for your parents and especially your children. Your children can't learn to respect and stand up for themselves if they don't see you living that way first. If you have problems with the people you work with, consider finding a new job. That's not always realistic, but it is a possibility to work towards if it's something you really want for yourself. That's yet another article will we get to in the future.

If your temporarily stuck in the job you have, schedule meetings and do your best to come to an understanding with the people that you are having issues with, even if it's your boss. Your life is simply too valuable to suffer difficult people. You can be professional and courteous and still let others know what you need from them. Speaking of all these people, make sure you are coming to terms with YOU.

Forgive yourself of your past regrets. You can never go back, but you can move forward. Think kind, loving thoughts about yourself. Treat yourself as you would your most treasured friend and lover.

You are never alone when you are your own best friend. Whatever you want in life, think about it as if you all ready have it. This will set a whole series of events happening in your life that will help you get what you really want. Of course you still have to do some legwork to get to where you want to go.

Keep reading The Enchantress Articles to learn more about goals and making your dreams come true. Please email me if you want to make sure not to miss any of The Enchantress Articles. Also, if you have any questions or would like to talk about how these suggestions are working in your life, I would love to hear from you.

You might just make yourself eligible for a special gift from me to you!.

Tracy Togliatti is a Holistic Practitioner and specializing in Energy Psychology and Reiki. She also offers a free advice service and free email Reiki lessons at http://www.happyher.com.


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