Are Your Family And Friends Demotivating You

Dream killers are the people that will de-motivate you and discourage any dreams you may have of improving your life. Do you have any Dream Killers In Your Life? It's amazing that family and friend members will tell you that success is just not for you! And this especially reigns true when you start something new, something that might be considered "out of the box" by others. The main argument these dream killers have is that your goals are unrealistic. They will advise you to be more "practical", and pretend they are offering you sound advice. In their deranged thinking, they believe they're doing you a favor by discouraging you.

They think they are helping you live a life in "your best interest". When in reality, they are encouraging you to live without a plan or a vision. If you are really motivated toward success, doing anything less than your ambitious goals will be unfulfilling for you. You end up wondering what could have been.

You continue to live your life for other people, instead of yourself. Your friends and family who discourage you from trying something new are only giving you insight into what they would do in your position. They do not have the vision and the drive that you do. It's understandable that they are reacting out of their own fear.

Other people take the path of least resistance, but that does not mean that you have to. Your goals are important to you for a reason. You will only be happy when you achieve them. Giving up on your goals because other people think they are unrealistic is no way to live your life. How to you overcome the dream killers in your life? You may want to start with choosing who you spend your time with. If you want to be self-motivated, you've got to spend time with other people who are self-motivated.

The same goes for the other aspects of success. If the dream killers in your life are close relatives, and long time friends, try keeping your business goals to yourself for a while until you get going. By the time you've had a little success, they will probably be a lot more supportive.

Finally, overcoming dream killers in your life is to be confident with yourself and confident with your goals. If you are truly confident in yourself and your ideas, then no one can stop you. Keep your goals and dreams in front of you all the time. They will be your motivation, when some of your "well-meaning friend" try to discourage you. Don't let anyone steal YOUR DREAM!.

Dream killers are eliminated and become dream seekers when they see the success team members at Marketing Prophets ( ) are achieving... all it takes is a systematic and focussed approach!


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