Living Without Plans Part of

In part one, we considered that plans seldom unfold the way we plan them. It simply happens, more often than not, our plans succumb to life's unscheduled events and circumstances. Can you make plans and yet get it all done when your plans fall through? You may be surprised to find you can do both! You see, creating a plan uses an entirely different kind of energy than carrying out the plan. Think of something you have planned.

Perhaps daily activities, or even something larger or more complicated such as a dinner party or work project. Can you remember the kind of energy you used to develop the plan? Can you feel it? Usually planning is invigorating; it can be fun making plans, visualizing the goal, setting up the steps and incremental actions needed to realize the end result. Developing plans this way with intentional intensity can be an enjoyable experience. Then life happens, right? I planned to attend a wedding reception. This wasn't just any old wedding reception.

The wedding party had secured the entire Detroit African American Museum—a mega multi-million dollar facility—for the event! My daughter, however, ended up with no ride to her high school Homecoming Dance, and I had to chauffeur her and miss the reception. A few years ago, I may have been disappointed; perhaps, even angry or resentful that she didn't plan her activities better! Yet, I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to see what was going to unfold; what was going to be even better than my plans. And, I was thrilled, even though I would miss the wedding reception, because I had done everything I could do to make the plan. I had set aside the date.

I had sent in the RSVP for the invitation. I had even arranged another ride for my daughter. But here's the secret. It didn't FEEL RIGHT! There was no internal sensation of peace or energy to continue with MY plans; it felt constricting and uncomfortable. Alternatively, I felt energy and aliveness when I envisioned staying home and doing make-up with my daughter, shopping for shoes, having lunch, doing her hair, and staying close-by just in case things didn't turn out so well and she needed a quick ride home.

I followed the Whisper of inner guidance—the sensations and the feelings of inner peace and heightened energy—and I carried out the "new plan". When I picked my daughter up after the dance, she jumped in the car, exclaiming, "Mom, I had such a good time! I danced all night long!" My heart sang, even while I wondered how she could possibly dance all night in THOSE shoes! Not a single "plan" of mine was actualized that day. But my true heart's desire was manifested, which was that my daughter would have a fabulous time at her first Homecoming Dance. So, whose plan is it anyway? Hmm .

. . ., I'll let you decide.

Here are 3 Simple Steps for Planning to Live Life without a Plan, and get it ALL Done Anyway: 1. Intentionally plan your plans. Make your plans with zest and zeal.

Write them out clearly and with as much detail as you can. Visualize the manifestation of your plans. Go ahead and love your plans; design them with intention and intensity.

Allow your natural desires to arise from within and "dictate" your goals and plans. Planning done with enthusiasm, focus, and joy can be so pleasurable. 2. Drop your plans. The "planning" stage is complete at this point, and it is important, although often overlooked, that you shift your energy and attention to feeling the sensations of your inner guidance, which are heightened awareness, peace, certainty, alignment, expansion, energy, and have them guide what you do.

Use the details and goals you established in the planning phase (step 1) to outline your next steps, but focus on the inner sensations and go where your energy takes you. In this phase, the purposeful zeal you used to create your plans give way to spontaneity. You continue to move toward your goals, yet you release attachment to any particular outcome and now act spontaneously, not calculatingly.

3. Live your life. Use the sensations of Inner Guidance to guide your actions. Act on your inner promptings and watch how the inner desires of your heart unfold, naturally and perfectly. Notice that all you wanted to get done does get done, right on time! Notice how what wasn't necessary for you to do simply falls away. You may find that what takes place is better than what you had planned.

To experience joy and ease, plan your life, but live it without attachment to the plan.

Vanessa Wesley, co-author of Your Essential Whisper, offers easy and effective ways to recognize, trust, and follow inner guidance so you can live life with ease. As an expert on relieving stress, you'll find valuable tips each week at her free weekly online newsletter =>


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