How do you prepare for retirement? If you're starting to think about retirement, our articles and resources are focused on people a little closer to retirement and we'll help you learn to be more prepared for that next step in your life.

Your Next Move: Are You Ready for a Retirement Community?

By Aldene Fredenburg

The kids are gone, your career is winding down, and you can think of better things to do with your time than maintaining a house that's too big for you. Maybe it's time to think about a retirement community. more...

How To Save Money For Retirement

By Marilyn Pokorney

Saving money for retirement can be easy or difficult depending on your current salary. If you are like 75 percent of the American population, earning just enough money in your current job to meet your monthly bills, then it's time to do some serious thinking on how you are going to live when you retire. more...

How Do I Prepare For Retirement?

By Stuart Simpson

When the day finally arrives, will you be ready? What do you need to do? How do you need to prepare? Well, if you are over 10 years from retirement, then just sock away tons of money in your 401k for now. This article is focusing on people a little closer to retirement. more...

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Retirement! Now What Happens?

By Kyle Thomas Haley

For years you’ve lived in that sprawling house where you raised your children . . . it’s home. But now you don’t need all the space and the upkeep is becoming more difficult every year.

You now have to consider things that weren’t issues before. When you were younger, you never thought about how many times a day you went up and down the stairs. You didn’t mind having the bedroom upstairs and the laundry facilities in the basement. Now, all those steps are taking their toll.