Your Purpose in Life and Your Role Models

Do you remember a time when you truly looked up to someone and wanted to become just like that person? It may have been an actor playing a role in a movie or in a novel, or perhaps a teacher who made a difference in your life. Probably, it could have been your father or your mother who never forgot how to take care of you. No matter who they may be, you have always looked up to some role models in your life. Not surprisingly, the role models that you look up to play an important role in the way that you develop your dreams and your goals in life. They can also help you discover your purpose in life.

The people that you look up to usually have qualities that made you become attracted to them. The reverse is also true, you have some qualities that are being mirrored in the people you admire. You may feel that you may never become like the people that you admire but that is not true. You have the potential to become like the persons that you admire, provided that you have the capacity and the perseverance to make the steps that will bring you closer to the fulfilment of your dreams. Even if you have every desire to follow your dreams, you may lack the resources to achieve them. If this is the case, don't lose heart.

You just have to take things one at a time. Just make the step necessary for the moment. Do not jump if you just have to hop. Do not hop if you just have to put your left foot after your right foot. The point is you just have to ensure that the steps you take are warranted by the situation.

It is one thing to look up to your role models. Although it is related to this, you have to draw upon your own personal reserves and your heart to discover what your passion really is. If you do not know your passion, you will end up waking up each day, going to your office, doing your boring work day after day. If you discovered your passion, you can then move from the boring lane to the life-filled highway and energetic road of your life. In doing that, identifying your role models can help.

Take a deeper look at the people that you consider your role models then list down their qualities. After that, you then need to look at your qualities and your passions. This way, you can empower yourself.

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