Your Emotional Richter Scale

When there is an earthquake, scientist use a Richter Scale to gauge the intensity of the quake. With a little self awareness, you can access your own emotional Richter Scale to determine your life's passion. When you feel emotional intensity over something, you've got the motivation to take action and pursue the activities and things you desire. .

Action Doesn't Always Equal Success .When you think you ought to, should, or need to do something, it's not a desire, it's an obligation. Often times you'll encounter obstacles and difficulties, or resistance, while doing the "ought tos." You can take all the right action, and still struggle.

The reason is that you're not pursuing your passion. . .

Think about what you want in your life. What would you do if there were no obstacles in the way of your success? . .Make a list. Now, reflecting on your list, assign each item on your list a number between one and 100.

The deeper, or more intense the emotion, the higher the number. When an item on your list scores an 80 or higher, you are getting closer to your true desire. A perfect 100, and you've identified your heart's desire. .

.If you take action to achieve one of your goals, but you find difficulty, or great struggle, it's an indication you are not pursuing a true desire. It will be easy to get discouraged and you probably won't feel very driven. When you experience negative emotions or resistance, the action you should take is to stop taking action. change your course and go after something that offers you motivation and authentic personal growth. Let your emotions be your guide.

Remember, the more intense the feeling, the more motivation you'll feel. . Emotion Provides the Motivation .Let's say that you put down financial freedom on your list. Is money really what you want? Or is it the freedom to spend time with your family? Or the release from the stress of a 60 hour a week job? It's the feeling you're after, the emotion. Emotion provides you with the motivation and drive.

Go deeper, get out of your head, and into your heart. . .Another indicator to determine if you are pursuing your heart's desires is in the language you use. How do you describe your goals? What words do you use when you talk about them? If you follow your passions, you don't let obstacles deter you. The action you take is focused and consistent.

You don't let lack of knowledge or experience dissuade you. When you feel motivation you won't let anything stand in your way. And the results you get will reflect your level of true desire.

. .Our minds are programmed to resist change.

The mind creates fear and throws obstacles up. Access your emotional Richter Scale and get in touch with your heart's desire. Your life will be filled with rewards, abundance and joy when you let your emotions lead the way. .

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