You Wont Get It Until You Know What It Is

The biggest frustration amongst people seems to be not having what they want in life. Yet they have exactly what they wished for. Your mind is like a powerful computer.

Much more powerful than anything man made that exists today. The purpose of your mind is to provide the outcome that is programmed into it, by you. It will always give you the programmed result - that is a law of nature. And this is where the trouble starts. Most of us have no idea how to effectively program this computer, and those that do, program it with ineffective programs more often than not. Do you realize that the only difference between your success and that of say a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates, is the way that they think.

Whether they did it consciously or not, their thought patterns follow a set of guidelines that led them to the success that they enjoy. These patterns are burnt into their minds, and they will not alter them for anything. It is who they are.

Like them or not, they are effective in their chosen fields. So what does this have to do with you, and more importantly, can you use this knowledge for your own good. Well the short answer is Yes. You can use this knowledge, and are actually doing so every single day.

Your life is exactly as your mind thinks and reacts to circumstances on a continuous basis right now. So the good news is that you are already doing it, you cannot help yourself, it is human nature. The bad news is that the thought patterns you have running in your mind, are not giving you the results you consciously want. They are giving you the results that you have programmed into your mind, mostly subconsciously. This is why goal setting can be so important.

With a clear goal in mind, your thought processes will at least be aligned in some direction most of the time. This can and does make a huge difference to your results. Lets use the computer program analogy once more. A computer will process information based on a specific set of rules and criteria. That is basically what a computer software program does. If you have a program that says if A happens, always do B, you get a predetermined predictable result.

You know that a certain input will give you a specific output. With our minds, not having a goal is like saying, if A happens, do B , or C or D or whatever strikes your fancy. The result is confusion and wasted energy. Spinning around without going anywhere.

Now life presents us with A today, B tomorrow, an C,D,A the next day. If you however have a set of actions ready for whenever A happens (by having a set goal) you automatically move toward your desired outcome every time A occurs. You might not have moved far, but you did move a small amount toward your goal, every time A happens.

At least you are moving in a certain direction, that you have predetermined, by simply deciding what you actually want, and then setting a goal to get there. Goal setting is a huge topic, and not quite as simple as described. It is however very worthwhile, and just may make the difference between contentment and a life of frustration. So find out what you want and why, then work towards that goal.

Kevin is the publisher and editor of, a site that provides information and articles for self improvement and personal growth and development.


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