Why You Should Create More Abundance in Your Life

Money is the root of all evil . Or is it? What I have been taught to believe about money was that money is no good. Money could never make you happy. Money is bad, because then you value earthly things. Money is for physical gratification.

You cannot attain spiritual greatness if you have a lot of money. Money is like a "god" which competes with your religion. When someone is rich he is described as being "filthy rich." Why have we been taught this? Who would benefit by it? Yet, there are some people who effortlessly create wealth. Some people get rich even though they are in the same occupation than others, and some never get rich.

Why are some people rich and others not? The principle of wealth creation is a "hidden secret" because although the wealthiest people in the world have gained their wealth through the use of these principles, they have not always been consciously aware that they were using them. What do these wealthy individuals have in common . and can you copy their wealth creating processes to attract wealth for yourself? You can actually manifest or attract anything you can imagine.

But before you can learn that, you need to be able to take full responsibility for your current situation, because your current situation is the direct result of what you're thinking, feeling and believing. Most people have a problem with taking responsibility and believe that they are victims from external situations and have no control over them. It is easier to blame someone or something than to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. But consider this: Are we really just reacting to things happening to us? Should life just happen to us? Does it mean that we are put on this earth to just react to our environment? What then would be the purpose of life? Do we have no choice in the matter and no freedom? Are we slaves to circumstances? Are we not created in the image of the Creator where we are also creators of our own world . our own destiny? Hopefully, you can see that if you are a normal human being, it is perfectly all right to desire to be rich. It is when you are rich that you can show your love more deeply, whereas you cannot express your love freely in poverty.

It is when you are rich that you can support worthy causes and really make a difference to someone's life. It is when you are rich that you can live out your religion like you should and give to charity. Most people live for the body alone, but now you can grow in mind, body and spirit.

So, give all your attention to The Science of Getting Rich. You owe it to yourself, the ones you love, to God and to society. For it is only when you live an abundant life, that you are truly fulfilled. Do you have the courage to be rich?.

Doug Ragan is a self taught internet and computer guy who is putting the finishing touches on his internet based empire. http://www.homebased-success.com/articles.htm


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