Why the Popularity of Self Moves are Growing

If you are moving to or from Dallas, Atlanta or Florida, its all the same. According to recent U.S. Census Bureau Statistics, more than 15 percent of the U.

S. population moves in a year. Many people relocate during the spring and summer months because of warmer weather and time off from work and school. You generally have two days to load and secure your belongings in the trailer. When you have finished packing, your trailer is picked up and driven by professional drivers to your new home.

You still need to be aware of hidden costs so if you get to know some terminology of moving, this is a good start to be in the know. Some valuation policies are calculated on a sliding scale, where the price per $1,000 of coverage will vary depending upon the total amount of coverage. In such cases, carriers are requested to quote valuation prices based on $25,000 of coverage. Please note that most valuation policies require that the entire load be covered, not just specific items. Ask your carrier for terms and educate yourself so that you can understand your contract better. 1.

Advanced Charges -Charges for services performed by a third party at your request. The charges for these services are paid for by the mover and added to the charges on your Bill of Lading. 2.

Bill of Lading -This is the contract between the mover and the customer. It also acts as a receipt. It is important to understand everything on the bill of lading before you sign it. As the name suggests, these estimates are subject to change. With hourly rates, customers are charged by the hour per man, per truck.

Like full-service moving, you get the advantage of having someone else do the driving. The cost is similar to truck rental because you pay only for the space that you use. With so many things happening at one time the last thing you need to do is now drive the moving truck to your new destination. Give yourself a break this time.

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