Why Settle

Sometimes people say things like, "Well, my life isn't what I'd really like for it to be, but I guess its good enough; I'm getting by." They are settling and accepting life as it is with no anticipation for the future. Settling for where things are today indicates a lack of belief in your potential.

And sadly, many people simply allow their potential to lie dormant for a lifetime. They do that for a number of reasons. Some people have had so many disappointments in their life that they just don't want to be disappointed again.

They would rather live the rest of their life just getting by than face another disappointment. Others are afraid of failing. They have already experienced enough failures. They don't want to risk it again, and so, because of their fear of failure, they accept complacency and choose just to get by in life. There are others who think that the reason that their life is what it is today is because it was "meant to be." They choose to accept fate.

They are just getting by because it is "their destiny." The real issue is not what has happened to you in your life, even if you have had more than your share of disappointments, failures, and unfair things happen to you. In the race of life, it is not how great you start the race, nor how many times you fall. It is how you finish the race that is most important.

God did not design us to fail, nor did He design us to just settle for whatever life throws at us. Now, we can choose to just get by and be complacent. It is an easy choice and requires little effort. But that was never God's plan for mankind.

If your plans or dreams have failed, ask yourself this question: Was that the last plan or dream available for me? In other words, are there no more plans or dreams that can become a reality for you in your life? Of course not! If God designed you for success then there must be countless plans or dreams that will bring you joy and fulfillment. Thinking that way will take you out of complacency and onto the path of living life with excitement again! On the other hand, other questions that people ask themselves lead them directly to the path of just settling. Some of those are, "Why did this happen to me?" "Why didn't I see that coming?" Why does my life seem to get worse instead of better?" "Why do I even bother to try?" Too many people live each day with disappointment, guilt, frustration, shame, and even disgust.

They have buried their potential and have learned to settle. Their potential is not lost, it is just buried. No matter who you are and where you are in life, there will always be disappointments and setbacks.

And yet, having a Father who loves you unconditionally, who has promised to help you, and who designed you to succeed is great potential! Have you had any plans that failed? Start working on some new ones! Has your dream been lost or stolen from you? Reclaim it! Have you been disappointed and discouraged; have you failed yourself? Pick yourself up and start moving forward! Don't just settle! You have a lot of potential! Sitting on the side of the road may seem to be the easy way out; it may appear to be comfortable. But, you will never know how far you can go and what you can really do until you get up and start moving.

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