Where are you headed

Right now is the best time to think about where you want to be. Retirement is or could be very soon. This is all you have to do, not only yourself, but for your family. This is not a good time for you to take your life lightly.

You have things to do and tomorrow is not the time to start. Right now is the time. You have to, it is a must that you get serious about getting your life and finances together.

This is not the time to be driving around with no destination. Set some serious goals, hand write them down and get busy. I want you to hand write your goals, because there is a link from you hand to your brain.

When you write something it will sink in. If you type it or just think it, you will forget. When you write it, it will be imbedded much longer.

A perfect example is think of 10 items you need to shop for, and by the time you get to the store you will only remember a few of them. Hand write the 10 things down and leave the list at home, you will still remember all 10 items. Now look at that list of goals, and commit to achieving them.

Commit a pledge to do something. You will not give up. You will achieve those goals. Lately I have seen a lot of quitters.

I know that some things seem hard to achieve right now because people or the news is saying that the economy is bad, but don't listen to them. Do not give up on any of your goals. Be stronger than them and find a way.

There weakness could be your gain. Think about that. There is always a way if your get the right mindset and do not quit.

Why, you ask is this so important for me to do now? Because you owe it to not only yourself, but your family, your future family, and their future family. You may think you are doing all you can, but I know you can do better. You may think you do not have the time, you do have the time.

You have to commit and every day do something to get closer to that goal. You may have heard this story before by one of my mentors Zig Ziggler. This boy that was working hard out in the sun on a hot and sunny day and needed a drink of water. So the boy goes over to the water well and it is an old well that has a pump handle that you have to pump up and down on to get the water up out of the ground. The boy starts working on pumping on that handle as hard as he could for a few minutes and nothing is coming out so he asks if there is any water in this well? Sure there is water in there.

You see this water is way down deep, and that is the best kind of water, the deeper the water, the colder and cleaner and better the water. Just keep pumping and you will get it. The boy continues to pump and no water.

The boy asks again, are you sure that this pump works, because I'm getting mighty tired of pumping this thing. Again the answer is sure it works, the water is just way down in there and if you keep on pumping you will love how cold and good that water will be. So the boy just keeps on pumping away. About five minutes later the boy is dripping with sweat and having a hard time pumping the handle and the sun is beating down on him, and he looks up and says, "I just don't think there is any water in this well and I have to give up", and the others shout, "Don't stop now! You just about have it and if you stop now the water will go all the way back down and you will have to start all over again!.

" So the boy keeps pumping and less than a minute later out comes the coldest best tasting water the boy had ever had. This is perfect story about commitment. You do not want to start out and put a lot of work and effort towards something, then just before you are about to reach that goal or commitment, slow down or stop, just to have it all go back down into the deep, deep hole and have to start all over again or maybe not at all.

You see anything worth having is going to take some sweat, hard work, and commitment, but once you get it, it will be the best, because you sweated, and worked so hard to get it. You will feel happiness like you never felt before, because achieving goals that take hard work are the best kind. What do you want your legacy to be? The person who accomplished everything they set out to do, or the person that sometimes remembered to take out the trash.

Author Mike True successfully motivates people to truly have a better life with motivational and educational information. http://www.truellybetter.com


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