What to Expect After the First Month with Your Baby

So today I have been with my baby for one month and it has been a crazy and hectic month. I am more tired than usual and I think that within the entire month I have probably slept maybe about 2 hours a day and that unfortunately includes weekends too. But it all happens the way its supposed to and I am always happy when I see my child and even though she is sleeping most of the time except for the times when she is keeping me up everything is great. The other day she finally started trying to lift her head when we had her down on her stomach. It was amazing because it might be the first time she has tried to lift her head to see what's going on around her and it shows that we are nurturing her and that she is developing at a rate that she is supposed to be. She doesn't really like to be on her stomach too often but we usually try to see if she will go for it and when we put her down she tried to lift her head.

It was an amazing thing to see. She also seems to be responding to voices and sounds in general. I would stand behind her and call her name and she would respond by moving around and I can see that she is trying to figure out where that voice is coming from.

I don't think she knows who is making that noise or for what reason but she hears something and she tries to search it out and find it. It's quite an amazing thing to see your child develop from someone who didn't have any of these abilities to a child who is actively developing and becoming someone she is meant to be. Another of these little events that happened to me the other day was actually occurring as I was trying to feed her. I was feeding her and her head was resting on my arm in a way that she could see my face.

She stopped eating and just sat there and stared at me. I was wondering if she was ok or just not hungry but then I realized that she was looking at me and she was meaning to do it. It wasn't a sign that she wasn't hungry anymore but she was actually studying me. It was intense and gave me such a thrill to see my child actually recognizing me. This first month with my baby have been such a blessing and such a torture from lack of sleep but as I see her grow no matter what it is always worth it.

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