What Are The Safest Car Seats

No car seat can be sold on the market in the United States without passing certain safety restrictions and crash tests. It's not possible to determine the safest car seats based on these tests, because the manufacturers aren't required to make the test results available--and so they never will. Still, we can at least be confident that each car seat sold in the United States matches or even exceeds governmental requirements. Each year, Consumer Reports does do independent crash test ratings of car seats. It should be noted, however, that these tests are often discounted by scientists for various reasons, including past mistakes, and what they consider poor reporting and poor parameters.

However, it may be a good starting point. Over the years, Consumer Reports has reported its top picks. Keep in mind, however, that the safest car seat is only as safe as its user. If it isn't installed properly and used properly every time the child is in the car, of course it is quite unsafe. Consumer Reports recently conducted tests using eleven infant car seats that were rear-facing.

They were re-doing the test from the previous year, which had errors. All the seats met governmental test standards when using the LATCH and when attaching them using the seat belt. (LATCH is an acronym for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.) Once again, the US' system of testing fails to gives us any idea of which were the best and worst performing models. Consumer Reports expands upon this and attempts to identify the safest car seats by adding Ease of Use ratings and Fit to Vehicle ratings, both of which will have an effect on the safety of any car seat.

You won't be able to install the car seat safely if it doesn't fit properly in the car. If the car seat is difficult to install, someone is more likely to install it improperly and unsafely. With these guidelines, Consumer Reports rated the Chicco Key Fit as the best or safest car seat, with the Britax Companion coming in second. For the Best Buys, Consumer Reports deemed Baby Trend Flex-Loc and Graco SnugRide as having the best value and features for your money.

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