What Are the Akashic Records and How Can They Help You

Put very simply, your Akashic Record is the energetic recording of your soul's journey since your beginning. It is everything about you, all around you, and within you. It is everything you are, have been, and the potentials you are yet to become. It is a special field of energy that permeates your entire being. It is not something separate from you, but an integral part of you. I believe the Akashic Records are living, changing "documents.

" As you change, heal, and grow, your Akashic Records are 'updated' to reflect those changes. As you can imagine, your Akashic Records hold an infinite amount of information. There is no end to the information you can explore about yourself and your relationships with others when working in your Akashic Records.

The information is always presented to you in a loving and compassionate way from your Divine Spiritual Family (father-mother God/Goddess, God/Goddess, Spirit, Universe, Source, Ascended Masters, Archangels, loved ones, etc.). There are specific beings/energetic aspects that specialize in the energy field of the Akashic Records, and I call them the Record Keepers. I believe that in the end we are all ONE. So when I refer to the Record Keepers as "other beings," I also understand that they are just another aspect of me, from my perspective, and another aspect of each of you from your perspectives. For ease of discussion purposes I may refer to them as "beings" or as "energetic aspects.

" So these beings, the Record Keepers, are also a part of your Divine Spiritual Family. These Divine beings have always been at your side eagerly waiting to assist you. Out of respect for your free will, they do wait until you initiate contact and ask for help. The information that is obtained from your Akashic Records is a direct result of your questions. Your questions guide the Record Keepers and Ascended Masters to the "right" energetic space to retrieve the answers that you are ready to know.

Notice the key words, ready to know. . . Sometimes we think we are ready to know something, but in reality we are not. In those times, the answers seem to elude us, only to become crystal clear in the oddest and most unlikely moments.

Or as I like to say, in the Divine right moment! Imagine an infinite apple orchard full of apple trees which are chock full of apples. Each apple holds the key to different experiences your Soul has had, and each tree represents themes that you have experienced throughout your Soul's journey. When you want to know a certain piece of information, you have to come up with a way to direct the Record Keepers to the right tree and then to the right apple. By choosing the right apple, you will get the information you are seeking, which will facilitate your healing and growth. The Record Keepers are the energetic aspects that tend to these immense apple orchards, and when you ask a question it helps to guide them to the correct tree.

The more specific your question, the closer you get to the specific apple that holds the piece of information you are seeking. The potential for healing occurs when you are able to really get down to the "core" of an issue, the seed of knowledge and wisdom that is hidden within the specific apple. Often the awareness of the core cause of an issue is enough to create the energetic shift that results in a healing. A Healing is simply a shift in energetic frequency to the next higher level of Divine Love and Light, which may manifest in the spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional realms. Other times you will need to put into practice the insights that you were given in order to manifest the energetic shift in your Akashic Records. Putting it into practice could be as simple as making a new choice when confronted with a repetitive pattern.

There is an unlimited potential for healing when working with the energy of the Akashic Records. The extent of the healing itself is directly related to your level of commitment and intent to heal yourself. One of the greatest benefits of working with the energy of the Akashic Records is the efficient way you can move from "learning lessons" to "wisdom gained.

" Are you ready to heal and transform your life? Copyright (c) 2008 Kathy Karlander.

Kathy Karlander is a gifted intuitive counselor, healer, teacher, author and radio host known nationally and internationally for her work. Her greatest gift lies in her ability to facilitate spiritual awakening and growth in her clients while guiding them to a stronger sense of self-empowerment. She specializes in the Akashic Records, EMF Balancing Technique, and guided meditations. Visit her website at http://www.SacredInsights.com


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