Water On Your Mattress Leak or Just Condensation

If you have a waterbed, than you may have awoken to a rare instance of moisture on your bed, which can lead to many worrisome mornings. Don't worry, you didn't wet the bed during your sleep, the cause of this mysterious moisture is easily explained. Although experiencing moisture on top of your waterbed mattress is a rarity, it does happen. And the main cause of this accumulation of moisture is due to condensation. The reason why this happens varies depending on each case, however, there are several factors that remain the same with all moisture instances. The reason why you can experience condensation on your waterbed mattress is because you probably don't have a water heater.

Also, many people who experience condensation on your waterbed mattress own a Softside Waterbed that does not have a water heater. When the temperature of a room changes, mainly because the weather outside is cooling off, than the water temperature inside of your waterbed changes as well. All waterbeds are normally a few degrees colder than what your room temperature is.

Thus, if your room temperature is affected by the declining temperatures outside, the warmth of the water inside of your bed will also change. Since your body is always as a constant temperature of 98 degrees, than this causes variations within the temperature inside of the waterbed, and the difference between your body temperature and the temperature of your waterbed can cause sweat, or condensation. Having a sweaty waterbed is never fun, and can usually lead to embarrassing mornings when you have a guest sharing your bed. However, having condensation on your waterbed is very rare, and in order for it to happen all of the conditions have to be just right.

The surroundings have to be perfect, you must have a certain type of floor, the time of year must be perfect and it also depends on how well your mattress is insulated. In order to keep from having this annoying condensation happen, you must purchase a UL approved hybrid waterbed heater. This heater will keep the water temperature perfect, and thus keeping your bed from sweating. If you ever experience condensation on your waterbed, there are several steps that you must take in order to clean the mess.

First, you will want to un-zip the cover on your Softside mattress. You will then need to fold it back and allow air to reach the mattress. Also, since there can be bacteria build-up due to this condensation you will want to spray disinfectant, and also place a fan to dry off the moist areas. You will also want to put a towel on any area where there was a lot of moisture, which is usually where your back would be laying.

You may have to sleep on this towel until the temperature inside of the waterbed has stabilized and is back to normal.

Find a good bedroom store close to your house before you decide on a waterbed.


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