Versatile Invitation Design Baby Shower Footprint

A footprint of a baby says everything: the innocence, tenderness and charm of a newborn. These values come to mind in anyone who sees it. No wonder it is a favorite theme for occasions that call for it like that of a baby shower. Here is a guide on how to use the footprint of the baby in the baby shower invitation.

Printed The first way of using the footprint is to print them on the invitation. You may use a single or both feet as the main design. Immediately, your guests will know that it is a baby shower invitation, just by seeing the footprints.

Make the print standout by using a complementary color to the background or the paper color. As a supplementary to the text of the card baby footprints can serve as a silhouette background of the text. As a silhouette footprints are effective as outlines instead of filled with colors. As an outline, only the marks where the baby feet press the ground (balls of the toes and heel and sides of the feet) are highlighted. For an animated effect use several small footprints in the main design or silhouette background. To make it appear like a baby just walked across the page reduce the size of the footprints as the trail moves from the fore to the rear ground.

Embossed Embossing is a process of creating relief on the paper by using a special tool to engrave the paper. Since this uses a special tool, it is best to leave the manufacturing of this kind of invitation to the professionals. Embossed footprint invitations convey an elegant mood for the baby shower.

Most embossed invitations are monochromatic, that is, they use a single color for the paper and the embossed design. However, some printers have the capability to color the raised portions of the footprint for an extra fee. Design and layout can be similar to the printed kind but it is best to use the footprint sparingly for a dramatic effect. Stamped Rubber stamps have been around for ages, and it is widely used in many applications: business, trade, craft and even politics! As the rubber stamp craft is a well-established industry, you can find rubber stamps of baby footprints, of varying sizes and designs. When you have chosen a pattern that suits your intended invitation design, you can then use it to stamp single prints or multiple prints inked in a variety of colors. For a subdued effect, use the stamp as a seal of approval or a signature of the baby, inviting the guest to the baby shower.

At the party, use the stamps to continue the theme from the invitation. Stamp them on napkins, thank you cards and game prizes for a unified effect. Cutout Lastly, use the footprint design as a cutout baby shower invitation.

This is a very interesting application as it veers away from the conventional 2 X 4 invitation size. Use the front of the card to announce that there is a baby shower and the back for party details and RSVP information. Carry the cutout theme to your baby shower by placing baby footprint cutouts on pathways, floors and even walls. Use also footprint cutouts for thank you cards for a uniformed look. With such a simple idea there are many possibilities.

Choose the style to fit your mood and use cute baby shower footprint invitation cards today!.

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