Using Law Of Attraction To Break Bad Habits

We have been taught that to use the law of attraction to create the reality we desire, we must focus more on what we want and less on what we don't want. But yet there are times when the things we don't want continue to be created even though we try not to focus on them. The truth is that there are times when we must focus on what we don't want so that we can attract it out fully and see it for what it is. What we don't want could be part of what we want and that is why we are still creating it unknowingly. No habit is completely good or bad.

There is always a benefit that it can provide and a detriment that it can cause. The mixture of positive and negative aspects is what traps most people in addictions. Focusing on the positive aspects alone does not remove the effect of the negative aspects. Most people use the law of attraction in a way that's unenlightened, that's why they keep miscreating their lives. From the place of seeing things for what they are completely, we can truly create in a conscious manner. The reason why the undesirable consequences reoccur over and over again is because people ignore it and choose to focus on the positive aspects instead.

But ignoring negative consequences do not make them go away. By observing what is, you begin to see what needs to be handled because intentions are a package deal. You cannot accept a portion without experiencing the rest that goes with it. If something as a whole isn't beneficial for you, you have to learn to drop the whole thing in place of another. What you resist persists.

You resist something by ignoring it. It is alright to ignore something negative as long as it stands by itself, but if it is attached to something else that is positive, it will still remain if you hold on to that positive thing without observing and resolving what is on the other side. Evolution of being is about learning all we can from a situation whether positive or negative, and then transcending both aspects so that we may be free to move without entrapment of the negative with the positive.

In order to remove something, first let it flourish. We expand a problem by focusing on the negative aspects in order to make it grow to full bloom. It is the little things that matter because they form the foundation of whole systems and relationships. When we treat a fundamental issue as something to be taken lightly and brushing it off, we are actually doing the worst for the problem as it will continue to perpetuate and bite into all overlying issues without us even being conscious or able to do anything with it.

Focusing on a problem and making it as bad as you can make it to be may seem like the worst thing to do. But what seems to be the worst thing can actually be the best thing. Because when you accelerate its effect to the point where you can see the ultimate worst scenario it can bring about, you are able to resolve it at its worst and the only thing that remains will be good after that.

It is this paradoxical way of engaging reality that reveals how the universe actually works, and how total resolution operates. We tend to focus on pleasure and avoid pain because we think experiencing one is good but experiencing the other is bad. Pain and pleasure are neutral. It is not a matter of seeing one thing as good and another as bad. Both are forces that can be used to serve you in getting what you want.

Pleasure a motivating force that moves you towards what you desire and pain is a motivating force that moves you away from what you do not desire. Using both forces together will give you maximum moving power. Pain and pleasure works well as a combination if the pain is from something and the pleasure is from something else. But there is a conflict that occurs when the pain and pleasure come from different aspects of the same thing. You are pushing yourself away and pulling yourself towards the thing at the same time. That is why you seem to go nowhere and keep on experiencing the same turmoil of good and bad stuff.

Pain and pleasure works properly when they are in alignment and not opposing one another. Congruence is power and incongruence is powerlessness. That is why people are powerless when they are in conflict with themselves about what they really want. If you want to move from powerlessness to power, you have to turn from being incongruent to being congruent. You do this by stopping your experience of the pleasure from pulling you towards the very thing that causes you pain. You focus on increasing the pain and negativity of the situation until you become fully congruent with moving away.

Use massive pain as a leverage to drive you into breaking free. The breaking point comes when you finally say you had enough of a situation and make a fully intentional decision to end it right there and then. As long as there is a part that is hanging on to it, we haven't generated enough pain to cut ourselves loose. It is not the pain of leaving but the pain of staying on that helps us to make that decision with full power. When you're free, you don't need the pain and can focus on the pleasure of being free.

Use the law of attraction to pull out the problem and nail it once and for all. Your level of ability to attract all that you desire in your life depends on the amount of energies you have freed from negative issues to channel fully into your desired manifestations. All suffering is the result of attachment. Suffering is not evil but it is a process that can trap you in evil or free you from it.

Draw out the evil so that you can deal with it. Maximize the suffering until it forces you to cut of attachment and transcend suffering.

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