Unique Baby Shower Gifts

The best baby shower gifts are those that benefit both parents and baby. Just about everyone will send gifts to clothe and pamper the new baby, but if you're looking for a unique baby shower gift that parent's-to-be will truly appreciate throughout the years of babyhood, try shopping somewhere other than the baby aisle and consider one of these unique gifts. White noise machine: What new parents and babies need desperately deep, peaceful sleep. A white noise machine is a wonderful way to absorb any household noises that may be distracting baby and promote a comforting sound that helps baby fall asleep and remain asleep. The traditional white noise machine masks, or 'absorbs' sound.

With a white noise machine, television, conversations, or the sounds of rambunctious older siblings that might prevent baby from falling asleep or waking baby prematurely are virtually eliminated. The white noise machine accomplishes this sound masking by emitting a gentle hum that is actually comprised of all of the audible sounds within the human range of hearing. Like one voice in a crowd, single sounds are absorbed by the sound produced by the white noise machine. Other white noise machine varieties also have special sounds that are comforting to babies like the sounds of a heartbeat or the womb.

Food processor: By nature, parents are concerned about the health and nutrition of their young ones. When babies reach a few months of age and are ready to begin eating solids, a food processor allows parents to make their own meals for baby with fresh, preservative-free ingredients. Different settings mean that a food processor will last throughout all of baby's developmental states. A food processor is also a smart appliance for the kitchen and one that can be used for many different purposes. Try pairing this gift with a great book filled with various recipes for home-made baby food.

Timeless Photos: Babyhood is a special time that parents desperately want to capture and hold onto. It's also a time that children want to know more about as they get older. A gift certificate to a professional artistic photography studio or for an oil painting reproduction is a wonderful gift that parents and children with cherish for a lifetime.

Nothing beats the quality of artistic, in-studio professional photographs. Be sure to browse around online and view the portfolios of potential photographers before you choose one. Another way to artistically capture a timeless image is to have it reproduced as an oil painting by a professional portrait artist. This way, parents can choose a favorite photo to be turned into a work of art. Whether it's a white noise machine, a food processor, or a timeless photo, choose a baby shower gift that will really last and benefit both parents and baby.

Gifts that keep on giving like these will keep your memory in the heart of the new family for years to come. The arrival of a new baby is one of the most special events any family can experience and honoring him or her with a unique and thoughtful gift is a fun way to celebrate this new life.

Author is a writer for Sleep Well Baby which specializes in white noise machines and natural sound machines. For more information you can visit www.SleepWellBaby.com.


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