Tips on Managing Time in Limited Time

From the first part, we learn that we have less time in a day to do many things, there are things in our life which we cannot avoid, that have become our daily routinities. So how do we manage with the rest of the things with such a limited time, read on and find out what you should do. Eating We need to eat to live and though I accept the fact that people have different eating habits and times, I think that and I am sure doctors will agree with me that a person needs three meals a day and should take at least ten minutes to ingest a meal and not just gobble it down. So that makes it 30 minutes for food. Time to relax. Please do not raise an argument now.

I promise to deal with this bit later on. But right now I would like to put down one hour as the time to relax, and this includes the time that you get to yourself for prayer or meditation or just to stare out of your window or perhaps the few extra minutes that you spend in your bed after waking up, waiting for the last traces of sleep to go away. Time with family and friends. Please we are human beings, are not we? And we certainly cannot get along with our business of life without chatting a few minutes every now and then with our friends and the family too. So with your permission, I would like to deduct another hour from your waking time.

So now what do we have left? We started off with 14 hours of waking time. And we proceed to add up all the time that we accounted for in the above mentioned points; let us see how much time we have left for productive work provided we still want to exist as human beings. The activities mentioned above would take when put together a good three hours and twenty minutes.

That is 3 hours and 20 minutes. I put it down in both numerals and words so that you can get a real taste of the figure. Now if we proceed to subtract this figure from our 14 hours of waking time, what do we get? We are left with just ten hours forty minutes.

In figures that is 10 hours 40 minutes. And that is a fact. That is all that we get.

So from now on dont you think that it would be more realistic to say that we have just ten hour and forty minutes to accomplish a days work and not twenty four hours. For if we continue to believe that we have twenty four hours, and then we are in effect deceiving ourselves. But wait there is more to this story than meets the eye. I hate to disillusion you but these crucial hours that we have painstakingly added up are not really put to constructive use.

There are certain things called time waster which you have to look out for and that is what we are going to deal with in our next chapter. Till now, we have been harping about how valuable time is and how time lost is time lost forever and so on. But now we come to a strange concept and that is Time Killers. The very word sound like sacrilege doesnt it? How can one talk about killing such a valuable resource. But thats the way the story goes. There are a lot of time killers in this world and what you have to do is that you have to identify these time killers, look out for them and stay wary of tem.

Only then can you put your available time to the maximum possible use.

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