The Word That Is Like An Anchor Around Your Neck

In past motivational and inspirational stories I showed how your selection of words, such as "Can't" and "But" disempower you, contradict what you really want to say and in some cases also demoralize others. In short, they will knock you off your journey to success. The ability to concentrate on what you hear and say when you communicate is critical. Without quality interpersonal communication with the people that you relate to on a daily basis, whether in a professional or personal environment, you can not attract a wealth of positive things into your life. And with that in mind, here's another word to watch out for as you communicate with others.

I'll call it the third word in my "axis of evil". ."IF" The word "IF", when used in your everyday communications with yourself and others, will always inject negative thinking into your life.

And, even more so, it holds you back! For instance, in these sample statements "IF" expresses a hopeless wish or regret, "IF I only could find the time to (diet, go back to school, exercise.), I'd be (slimmer, richer, healthier.)" "IF I was (taller, smarter, better looking.

), then I could (make the basketball team, get that promotion, or attract the person of my dreams.) Or perhaps you even have used this one. "IF I do it, I might fail". Or in referring to others, "It was a gallant, IF misguided attempt to do it".

In these two examples, you used "if" and added a negative thought that indicates you expect less of something. The word "IF" is a pretty heavy word. Using it as in the examples above is just like having an anchor around you 24/7! It is not an "action" word - it is an IN-action word. We tend to use if when we are afraid to step out of our comfort zones! I'll bet right now you might be thinking "I'm nice and safe and comfortable right here in my little cocoon, isolated from all the bad things in the world - even though I wish I had more love, or better personal and professional relationships, or a fulfilling, successful career, or more wealth, better health, a full, rich life.

" IF ONLY I HAD THESE THINGS! Arrgh! If you never step out of your comfort zone and take action towards your goals and dreams, how on earth will you ever know what you could have possibly achieved in your life? How will you ever learn anything from your triumphs as well as your mistakes? How will you grow and live your life to the maximum potential? Or, make your life the masterpiece of which you so rightly deserve? In addition, when you do not rid yourself of your "IFFY-ness", you will most certainly come to a point in your life when you look in the mirror and say to your reflection. "I should-a." "I could-a." "I would-a.

" When in actuality the cold, hard truth is - You DIDN'T because you were held back by the negative thought patterns stimulated by your habit of using words like IF that take away your motivation and weight you down. Break the chains to the anchor that is currently holding you back from what you really want in life. Watch the words you use and how you use them. You must belief that the word IMPOSSIBLE was not intended for you! Build up in your mind the confidence that will enable the mind to use its power. Commit to me and most importantly to your self, RIGHT NOW, to get out of bed in the morning and do something that you never have done before. Instead of avoiding an issue, face the challenge head on.

Make a solid plan that will inspire you everyday to take action toward your goals, and thoughts, instead of just wishing, hoping and "IF-fing" that they will happen. Remember, poor communication affects the way that others perceive, understand and react to you. Do not let the word "IF" hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams. Copyright (c) 2008 Mind Body Spirit

Keith A. Shaw, President of . Headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Keith is an authority on motivation, success, self improvement, and Qigong health and wellness. He is the author and creator of "The Power Of Thought", and "The Power Of Concentration" Motivation and Success Systems, along with "The Power Of Serenity And Peace" Spirituality and Happiness System. He also authored and produced "The Power Of Qigong" Health And Wellness Systems (available on DVD) for increasing your health, wellness, energy, mental power and more.


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