The Wonderful Thing About Family Togetherness

Years ago families were brought up together;in that I mean that they lived, ate and breathed each other. Cousins were more like brothers and sisters, everyone that was related that was older than you became and aunt or an uncle (even if they were 4th cousins), Everyone was close, they all cared about each others lives, troubles and accomplishments. Has all of this been lost in a world that is on a faster pace and at a time when people are running around just trying to make ends meet? To some degree it has, but our lives are for us to direct.

If we choose to change this course of life and to become closer with our families it is within our power to make it happen. We all have so many things to do in a days time, just to survive and to achieve our goals in life, that sometimes we forget what is most important. It isn't the money that is the most important, although we do need that to pay the bills and to keep our lifestyles going, it is the companionship of good people and after all, isn't our family members the best people in the world? We spend our weekends trying to get everything finished that we didn't have time for all week long, instead of taking the time to enjoy some of the things that we have. The kids will be grown up before to long and will leave the nest, the older generation will pass on and the things we value will soon be forgotten. Now is the time for us all to take the time to spend with our families and to make the memories that will live on forever in our hearts. Take Sundays to spend with the family by doing some of the fun things in life, learn to act like a kid again and enjoy life to the fullest with the ones that you love.

Have that summer barbecue with all of the family bringing a potluck dish; Have a camp out in the back yard with all of the cousins and the kids, telling ghost stories at the campfire; Everyone go swimming and have a picnic at your favorite pool, lake or swimming hole; Go on that weekend trip to an indoor water park with the whole family; Have the whole family get together for a good old time baseball game and then pizza; Have a picnic in the backyard with old fashioned games; pin the tail on the donkey and a scavenger hunt; Friends may come and go, life will change, jobs will come and go and neighbors will come and go; but you can always count on family to be there with you the rest of your life. Make the most of everyday that you have with them and cherish the memories and always try to think of new ways to make more memories. Look at all of the kids in the family and make sure that they learn to value family as you have, teach them that respect and love for family is the biggest gift of all.

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