The Solution

How do you prioritize your life to maintain your individuality when you face so many struggles? What do you do when you don't feel self confident or when you feel misunderstood? How do you deal with crazy makers? How do you tap into your passion? Can you stay focused when there's chaos abounding? Do you stick with the boundaries you've set? It's a difficult row to hoe. It's troublesome that we focus on the problem rather than the solution. What is the key? As in all of life, every problem comes with it's handy dandy solution. As an example, what if you focused on being confident rather than searching outside yourself to find someone or something to make you feel confident? What if you are passionate? It's not 'out there.'.' Each of us finds justification in whichever string of thinking we select.

When I indulge negative thinking, I'll be sure to create a way to make myself right about them. I'll listen to the news, interact with someone who focuses on the dark side, and flow deeper into negativity as the day progresses, wondering why I can't be more positive. This type of thinking breed similar thoughts and the results look just like the thinking. These thoughts become reflected in our body language, stance, tone of voice and overall outlook. Everyone around us then has a tendency to look negative.

However, if we focus on the solution of being positive, chances are extremely high that we'll find a string of activities and situations to substantiate just that. We may notice a patch of gorgeous flowers while walking to the mailbox or overhear a group of giggling children or co-workers. We can then participate in meetings feeling on top of our game, seeking out the good in others, noticing their brilliance when they speak, even if we disagree with their message.

While you're busy at life this week, look to see if you have the habit of finding a solution or if you are only looking at the struggles. If you catch yourself focusing on your struggle ,simply say "Stop." Take a breath and change your attention to what you desire.

"I am positive. I am confident. I am dynamic. I am loved. I am understood. I am passionate.

I am focused. I set protective boundaries. I love my life." Your focus will be mirrored back to you.

Change your thinking, and it will truly change your results. After all, who else is producing results for you? There truly is no one better than you to turn to for your self-confidence and to find your passion? Have a great week and enjoy your discoveries.

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