The short history of mats

The common form given was a check pattern or check weave. A few shards recovered tell of the weaver attempting to give the mat strength or padding. To accomplish this extra layers of material were placed upon the woven blades. As mat is a general name for a piece of flat material that lies on the floor and other flat surfaces, it has a wide range of types that various in sizes, colors, designs (like stripe mat, mat with 'kitchen' inscription or leaves) purposes and materials that are made of. Depending on country and part of the world used materials might be totally different.

Usually it is a sort of floor covering but it also has a different purposes and different names, often for domestic usage. For example a hindu principal substances are straw, dwarf palm, coconut palm, and screw pine. Grasses are also used in Japan and in Eastern countries. In Europe materials are different but domestic usage may stay the same. We have door mat, that helps keeping the dirt from shoes at bay when first entering the home. That kind of mat, which is also called an entrance mat or a 'welcome mat', is usually made of good tough materials like: nylon, rubber (a type of rubber mat is also used in cars) stalks, or aluminium and other metals (if we don't want to have a washable doormat that might be washed in a washing machine).

And there is also a bathroom mat which is a surface that is absorbing small amount of water when out of bath or after having a shower. Usually bath mats are non slip mats that provide a warm non-slip surface. Nowadays, mats aren't only floor coverings, which are stain stoppers and helping to keep the floor clean. There are also used in marketing and it is called logo mat.


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