The Secret of Gratitude and Forgiveness

There are two exciting, untapped powers in the universe that are at everyone's disposal. They are gratitude and forgiveness. They are both powers that allow you to restructure your relationship to the universe and to amplify your ability to attract to yourself the good that is allotted to you. The two powers are closely connected. A minister once talked about stumbling around in his backyard at night with a flashlight- looking for a small Christmas tree that he needed to bring in the house. In his search, by accident he knocked over the tree and its stand.

In fumbling around to pick it up, he got a lot of sap on his hands. Now, as you know, sap is very difficult to get off your hands. You have to wash them a lot and you still may not get it off. So these tiny amounts of annoying, sticky sap can stay on your hands for days.

Feelings of revenge, un-forgiveness, and blame are like sap. They can linger within us for a long time, filling us with negativity and self-pity and keeping us from our good. Once we have collected these feelings, we must diligently work to get rid of them. This could require a great deal of effort.

One useful exercise is to visualize someone you cannot forgive standing on stage in a spotlight. The spotlight represents your efforts to bathe them in love and forgiveness no matter what they have done to you. Even though this exercise may not have a notable effect on them, it can certainly on you. It will help you wash clean of the sap of un-forgiveness. Part of the value of getting rid of un-forgiveness and blame is that it opens the door to gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful emotion, which can release you from a negative bonding with the universe.

Focus on the good things instead of the bad and you can attract great good in your life. But, if you are weighted down with un-forgiveness, it is hard to open the door to gratitude. But, if you succeed- and you can open the door, now you need to really focus on gratitude, just like you did with forgiveness.

One interesting methodology, which is suggested in the recent film, The Secret, is to utilize an artifact to remind you to focus in the first place and to stimulate you to focus intently. An interesting scene in the movie The Secret, which speaks about how a simple rock, when used in association with the gratitude, you can enhance your positive connection to the universe. By focusing on Gratitude one can open up a door to the power of attraction inherent in the nature of things- to those who truly understand that such a power for good exists in our world. The Law of Attraction functions best when energized by gratitude and forgiveness, two interconnected, positive powers in the universe.

Greg Hand believes you can govern events you attract in your world through positive thinking and the touch the live's of others. site is inspired by The movie The Secret.


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