The Means to Superior Parenting Part

Being a parent is the happiest part of an individual's life. Being a parent is associated with many responsibilities. Some of them are taking care of the unborn child, delivering and raising the child with a lot of delicate love and care, providing them their basic needs and teaching them how to become responsible individuals. From this simple list of responsibilities, we will realize that being a parent is not that easy.

Terrible parenting choices sometimes result to mistakes done by kids not simply in the family, but also in the classroom and church. Differing examples of teen suicide are happening. Underfed kids might also result from lazy parenting. The rate of kids continuing their primary and higher education is plummeting. Property violence is now including a few kids. Moreover, the most problematic, teenage pregnancy as young as the age of 14 years old, and many of them have an abortion since they don't want to be expelled from their families once they know about it.

Social mistakes undertaken that might lead to bad adults. Who else can we make to take responsibility? Instead of blaming parents out there, it is better to remind them of the basics of great parenting. It could reverse the current things just outlined.

Superior parenting could also prevent worse things to occur some time from now. What is the guiding mission of great parenting? According to Dr Michael Dana, a youth affairs expert for the Federal Government. states: its mission is to "foster the children in a way that allows them to grow up to be normal, productive and law-abiding adults who have realized their God-given potentials". It might involve the life of a parent and their relationship with their kids, sharing with them things that they need for them to realize who they actually are as a human being.

The proceeding part includes some of the things to think about for you to attain that previously discussed mission.

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