The Gift of Homeschooling

I love being a homeschooler. I am proud of my lifestyle. I love my family and am willing to make sacrifices to insure that my values and priorities are evident in everything we do. So, why do I feel defensive? Why am I apprehensive at times to discuss my chosen lifestyle with those who disagree? Why should I care about those who don't share my philosophy and are suspect of the sacrifices I make? Well the short answer is most of the time, I don't! But faced with the barrage of criticism from all sides, there have been times when I questioned my decision to homeschool and wondered if it's worth it. I started homeschooling 15 years ago when it I saw what was happing to the public schools.

Private school were too expensive. At that time I was viewed as a weirdo, as an "overprotective" snob, and as someone raising socially deviant antisocial misfits. I was constantly justifying my position to people who just did not get it! It was difficult to constantly have to explain and defend my priorities to those who, I felt, abdicated their responsibilities to others they know nothing about. I felt then as I do now that homeschooling is the best world for my children. The woman's movement of the 70's created unnecessary confusion for many women. Men always knew their identity was in their career.

I knew woman could do anything, but timing was key. It was obvious to me that my children would be my career. Like any other profession, homeschooling required education, commitment, dedication, patience and creativity. We, as homeschooling pioneers, steamed forward and professed that our families were our careers and they would get the benefit of our education and training. I do not feel I wasted my 17 years of education. This commitment to the family started a ground swell and now millions of families teach their children at home.

We all know how students and teachers behave in the public schools. The metal detectors, DEA agents, police, gangs, riots, barbed wire, lock downs and random searches tell the sad story. I empathize with the innocents who are subjected to this cesspool daily. Homeschooling is a gift I give to my children without reservation because they are special and deserve the best. The business world never missed my creativity and energy, but my children would have.

Pam Connolly is a professional educator with the San Diego School District. She has been teaching kids how to type for over 11 years. To teach your child typing, visit


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