The Child Support Crisis

The issue of child support is touchy to say the least. There are many problems with this system. The first and foremost problem with the child support system is the fact that many non custodial parents are skipping out on their child support with no repercussions. This is a crisis for the custodial parent who has limited income and no way to enforce their child support order. Many states offer a collection service for child support, but these systems are useless if the non custodial parent chooses not to pay by simply not working.

The state agencies do little to collect from a non custodial parent unless they are handed the perpetrator, lock - stock and barrel. They will actually close the case if the custodial parent cannot offer information as to the location of the non custodial parent. Another problem with the current child support system is the fact that many non custodial parents are getting away with underpaying. It is disgraceful that the father of a child who is receiving welfare payments can afford houses of half a million dollars and brand new automobiles. They can come away pay as little as a couple hundred dollars a month.

How can non custodial parents possibly escape with a payment so low, if they are capable of earning high figures? Many simply stop working for a time and bring in a current pay record that shows their resources will only allow them to pay a minimum amount and as soon as the order is set, they return to work. Many states will not allow you to have the case reevaluated for a number of years. Hence, they have just lowered their child support to suit them. And who suffers but the child.

It is extremely important that the current child support system be reevaluated. It must be recognized that there is a crisis and it is the innocent who are suffering.

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