Teen Toys Whats In And Whats Out

Day in and day out, teenagers are looking for and more variety of toys and gadgets to keep themselves entertained. The toy industry is constantly innovating in the hope to find that next best seller which will capture the fancy of teenagers the world over. Every year, the market is flooded with new toys. While some make it to the top selling list, becoming the fancy of every teenage boy or girl, for a couple of months, some do down without a trace; never to see the light of day again. Evergreen teen toys Some teenage toys are classics and part of the ever popular category. No matter what, years down the line too, these toys will hold the fancy of teens.

To cite some popular examples, here are some toys, you will agree, are still on the best seller list. * Rubik's Cube This popular puzzle has been on the best seller list for decades. It is one of the most popular teen puzzles to date and is loved by teenagers' world over. Testing the mental faculties, this puzzle helps to develop skills like logic & reasoning and also tests oneā??s patience. This puzzle will never go out of style! * Video games There will hardly be a teen that is not acquainted with the concept of Video games.

Video games have been popular among teenagers from the time they entered the market. Popularized by Nintendo and then by newer entrants in the market like PlayStation and Xbox, the use of new technology have made these games a must have for any teen. Today, these video games are available in many plug and play forms like mats, wireless pointing devices, eye and head phones for virtual reality games etc. * Dirt bikes Dirt Bikes have been a dream toy for teens for a very long time. At some point, every teen aspires for one.

There is an association with the tough and the rugged that possibly drives this craze. At any rate, it is here to stay! * Dance mats These were only invented about a decade ago. These mats really became popular after the launch of the show, American Idol, on TV. With associated branding, overnight, these mats became a rage.

These mats are fun and can be used to learn how to dance as well. Popular among teens and also people young at heart, these mats have captured the hearts of many! Latest toys Every year, more and more toys hit the market. As trends change, some stay around while others are replaced by more innovative ones. The popularity of the toys, besides being dependent on the uniqueness of the toy, also depends on the trends as well as branding, which also determines how long they will remain on the hot selling list! Today, we have a completely new set of toys which are 'in vogue'. * School toys Gone are the days of using highlighters in schools to mark important notes.

Today, we have a new toy for teens who are copious note writers in school. This is the all famous pen scanner which slide over your text as you read it and scan the important notes and store them in its memory. The gadget can be attached to the computer to download the copy of important notes. * Puzzles Hand held puzzles have seen a new rage. While just a year ago, hand held word puzzles were popular, today, our teens prefer the much more popular touch screen Sudoku! These have caught on like fire on a global level. After the Rubikā??s cube, this puzzle is said to be the second most popular puzzle in the world.

* Music toys Earlier, teenagers who loved music demanded music systems and music CDs of the most popular rock bands or rock idols. This is the thing of the past! With music downloads freely available, music lover teens are now interested in carrying their favorite music with them or making their own music. The iPods and DJ Turntables are in! The iPods can store up to 60 or 80 GB of songs while the smaller shuffles can store up to 2GB of songs. Available in trendy colors and skins, these compact music hold alls are a perfect toy! As popular are the iKaraoke used with iPods.

These are some of the most sought after music toys today! * Digital cameras and camcorders Today, whether a teen loves photography or not, they all aspire for a digi-cam or camcorder! There are many advanced digital cameras and especially camcorders, today which are not complicated to use. Teenagers love to carry them around. * Cell phones Having your personal phone connection in your room was a thing of the past! Today, cell phones equipped with the latest in technology are the hottest teen toys and a practical must-have! Most teenagers today carry a cell phone. The more features the cell phone has, the better. The list of must-have features includes a camera, mp3 player, expandable memory card, document reader etc.

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