Teaching Good Manners To Kids Is Not That Hard

We all have experienced one or more incidents of children crying and whining while their mothers have been searching the department store for that "fabulous" pair of shoes they saw on a television show. The truth is that you were annoyed and although you know that this was not the child's fault, you secretly disliked the kid and even more his mother, as she allowed it to annoy everyone and did not pay attention, as she should, to her toddler. That was rude and kids can be taught not to be rude. I recall an incident that happened a long time ago when I was still a child.

My parents took me to the beach since this was the only way to cool down that hot summer day; the temperature in Greece can reach very high levels during the summer. As we reached the point that would host our existence for the rest of the day, I remember my mother kneeling to assist me get rid of my clothes and help me prepare before running loose to play under the sun. I had to wear my lovely pink pair of plastic shoes, in order to avoid any injuries, my hat, which I thought it was rather funny, and a generous portion of sunscreen on my skin, to protect it from burning. That last part of the beach "ritual" I hated. I did not like the fact that I was feeling my skin being greasy or that water drops seemed to stack on my arms and legs. I immediately begun complaining while my mother was about to begin applying the lotion, when my father turned to me and said "I know you hate it.

I do too. But, first nobody here wants to hear you complain. They came to relax and enjoy the sun.

Second, we have explained to you that the sun is dangerous and your skin is still very white. If you do not let your mother finish the application, you will later hurt all over and you will not be able to come with us again here tomorrow." I immediately stopped.

I still remember my father's face. He was not yelling nor threatening me. He just stated the simple truth. My skin would burn and as I looked at other families on the beach I realized that kids who have burned their skin, because they did not allow their parents to protect them, were miserably looking at other kids playing while they had to stay under the shadow of an umbrella and do nothing.

Whether your child has a serious concern or is just bored and tired, you can help it understand that crying and screaming will not assist its situation. By realizing that if you treat your child as if you were speaking to an adult, using simpler wording and examples they can relate to of course, your kid will mature sooner and respect others peace and quite; yours included.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Family, Kids And Teens, and Computers


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