Surviving High Gas Prices With Two Online Tools

OK, we all know that to fill the family vehicle up with gas these days, one has to take into consideration the cost that will appear without mercy on the digital readout of the gas pump. No matter how we whine and blame others for our dilemma, the fact is that the prices are what they are and we have to live life anyway. Sure, you can bury your head in the sand and pretend that it will work itself out but truthfully, these gas prices aren't going anywhere but further up.

So, that being established and settled, one must honestly cultivate a plan to combat this unwelcome intrusion on the family budget. We have had enough bad news about how high these gas prices may go. Now, lets focus on what we can do about it. There are the obvious things that people suggest like driving less, watching your speed and making schedules to ensure that you are able to complete tasks along an efficient route when you're out and about. Of course, there are those that take the drastic actions of trading in their less fuel-efficient vehicle for a motorcycle or scooter.

But before you go that far, lets look at the tools available today to help today's drivers cope with today's and tomorrow's gas prices. There are two tools that everyone should be using. What are they? They are and www. Using these two online tools are essential to enhancing your ability to cope with gas prices irrespective of how high they go. Both of these gas tools are absolutely FREE and they provide an invaluable service in today's energy climate. The free downloadable gas money toolbar provides drivers with the opportunity for gas money to offset the rising cost of fueling up as they surf the web. At GasMoneyToolbar.

com, consumers use the power of their observation skills to gain gas money by reporting to website owners instances of specified types of errors on their webs properties. Companies can offer small monetary rewards to consumers for finding common errors such as misspelled words, grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, etc. The downloadable gas money toolbar interfaces with and it is free to use as well. Consumers essentially trade what retailers want "their attention" for what the consumer wants "a shot at gas money".

Retailers and corporations essentially trade the consumer the opportunity to gain gas money for their undivided attention, time, and appreciation. This is a great advertising, marketing and public relations coup for business. Complaining won't help. "Consumers aren't aware of the power of their attention and corporations haven't taken full advantage of the public relations of publicly helping consumers with the current gas cost problem. Says, John Michaels of TypoBounty.

com, sister site of GasMoneyToolbar dot com. This is changing rapidly. When consumers combine the benefits of gaining gas money via sites like with the low gas price search of websites like and conduct various necessary tasks online, the effects of high gas prices on the household budget can be curtailed significantly.

What do companies get out of the deal? Well, quite frankly a low cost means of getting visitors to their website and much more. If the retailer is smart enough to recognize it, participating retailers and website owners gain the perfection of their web properties and the attention of millions of appreciative consumers. It's a great public relations move for businesses and websites that are consumer supported. Consumers are able to find some gas price relief they need.

Companies have benefited in the publics eye in the past by donating to charities and other humanitarian concerns. This is no different. Coping with high gas prices is a genuine public need and companies are in a unique position to benefit from helping consumers take on this very real assault on the household budget. So, remember this.

You have no power over the gas prices but you have complete power over the companies that you give your attention to. Use that understanding and the two tools listed above to your advantage and tell all of your friends and family to do the same.

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business marketing experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online businesses and strategies. You can read more about avoiding the money trap of music downloads at


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