Sharing Photos with Family

Sharing photos with your family is exciting and fun. Grandparents living far away certainly do not want to miss watching their grandchildren grow up, and photo sharing is a great way to keep them in touch. Similarly, brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, all enjoy seeing photos that focus on the family. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, it is simple to create an online photo gallery that makes it easy to share pictures filled with family fun, as well as family history. The Old Days Before the ability to create an online photo album, it was necessary to make copies of photographs for every family member and friend you thought might be interested in having a copy.

Then, you had to place the photos in envelopes labeled "Do not bend," apply postage, and send the pictures on their way. This method could be quite costly after printing up large numbers of photos and adding up the necessary postage. In addition, it was time consuming to address every one of those envelopes.

To add to the frustration, the photos didn't always make it to where they were being sent. Or, they arrived damaged and needed to be thrown away. Worse yet, some family members may not have been interested in having the photo and set it aside to be lost and never seen again.

Luckily, the old days are long gone and computer technology has made it possible to share photos in a less costly and far more convenient manner. In addition, your photos can be shared with your loved ones immediately after they have been taken. While on vacation, you can upload photos on the same day they are taken. In this way, you can create a daily journal of your family vacation for the rest of your family to enjoy with you. Similarly, family members don't have to miss a step in a newborn family member's development. Immediately after your baby is born, you can post it to the family website for all of your family members to see.

Then, chronicle each of the baby's milestones immediately on the site. Furthermore, those interested in having a copy of the photo can easily print it from the site. The Family Website A family website is easily the best means for photo sharing. Whether it is your favorite baby photo or pictures of the family vacation, you can share it all on your family website.

In addition, these sites can be used to post information about the next family reunion. As family members share ideas and plans through the family reunion website, you will be sure to create an event that will be cherished by every family member for years to come. Even better, after the family reunion is over, you can post the pictures in your online photo album.

Everyone will smile and laugh as they see photos of your hilarious uncle as he does his famous impressions and they will be sure to feel a tug at their heartstrings when they see the children of the family giving each other a hug - memories all caught in the moment with the click of a camera and available for all the family to see on the family website. Other special events that warrant being added to your family website include graduation pictures and wedding photos, both days filled with pride and bright hopes for the future. Or, perhaps you have photos of your newborn to share, or of your new car, or of a new pet. Maybe you have added a great addition to your home or have been getting your hands dirty in your yard creating some beautiful landscaping and you want to show it off to you family. With a family website, you can put the digital photo online and share it with ease.

Another great aspect of the family website is the fact that your family members can easily access the pictures you have included on the site and download them to their own computers. Here, they can save them on their computer and create their own backgrounds and screensavers with family photos. Or, with digital photo printing being so simple, they can even create as many copies of their favorite photos as they desire. Creating a Family Website A family website is actually easier to create then you might think. There are several family websites services available that provide easy to follow instructions in creating your very own family website. Once the site is created in the style and layout you desire, you can upload all of your favorite family pictures to the site and change them whenever you like.

You can even upload your family crest or any other symbols or pictures that are meaningful to your family to add a personal touch.

Marie Christianson is a senior business analyst at Create a Family Website Now!


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