Save Big on Wedding Invitations

A wedding can be a pretty large expense and often a young couple feels compelled to save costs and money as much as possible. One way you can save money is by thinking about your wedding invitations. Now it is important to think about this carefully and really consider all of the options.

You will want something with class and something that does not look to cheap but still cut corners and save on costs. Below are some ideas that might help cut the costs of wedding invitations. No RSVP: You can often cut costs by not doing an RSVP card. In reality most people end up either calling you or talking to you in person and RSVP that way. By not using a RSVP card you can safe on stamps and printing costs for the little cards. As an alternative you can add an email address on the bottom of the invitations to send an RSVP email to.

Do Research: By doing your homework a little bit online and offline you can often find a wedding card supplier that will offer a great discount. This will take a little time but you will save a great deal and the final product will still be professional looking printed wedding invitations. Use Friends: Do you have a friend that is into calligraphy or possible a distant relation? You can often use someone that is into calligraphy and pay them to make cards for you. Make sure you compensate them for their time and make it worth their effort. However you can often save money because hobbyists are willing to do the work for cheaper because they enjoy it.

eCards: A few years ago most people would not even think of this. However more and more of us are online now and love the ease of communication that comes from online interaction. If the couple is young and trying to save on the wedding a fun eCard can work.

Materials? There is a large difference in costs of wedding invitations depending on the materials that are being used. Often these are very subtle differences and something that average people don't even notice. By picking cheaper paper, less gold embossed or watermarked materials and so forth a couple can really save big on wedding invitations. So think carefully if the extra cost of fancy paper is worth it.

Also watch carefully the designs that are on the invitations. For example invitations with Disney characters can be a lot more expensive then others. Guests? Another way to save on cards is to really analyze the guest list.

By going through this carefully some names can often be combined or cut off the list. For example if you have a distant cousin you never see but just want him or her to know about the wedding then send the an invitation to your aunt and include his or her name on the inside. This way you can include the person without incurring the extra cost. These are jus a few of the ideas on ways to save big money on wedding invitations.

By purchasing carefull and comparison shopping you can really save. It does not always seem like you are saving a big amount on any one item but after the cost of wedding invitations, decorations, cake, food and everythign elese is added up these little savings on each individual item can really total a major savings. Just think by cutting costs and saving money on the wedding you can easily have enough left ofer to get started in your new life as a couple.

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