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After nearly 30 years of being in the martial arts business I've come to realize that even though we teach a martial arts lifestyle, which includes focus, respect, and being the best that you can be, we must also continually seek information and knowledge for ourselves as instructors and mentors that will provide exceptional learning and growth opportunities and unusual value for all of our students and families. So much is made of setting goals. Write your goals down and it will become your reality. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't work.

Why so? How many times have you decided on a specific goal, even written it down, and it hasn't become a reality? How many times do you have to fail before you give up all together? Let's clarify. Setting goals does work if all of the ingredients are in place. Your goals will become your reality if: 1. You go back in the theater of your mind and play back your past successes.

We all have them. 2. While remembering past successes make certain that you remember the passion and feelings that went with those successful experiences 3.

Be sure that what you want is backed by a burning desire. Too often we expect to achieve our goals and we lack the fuel to drive us to their completion. That fuel is an unwavering passion and excitement to complete our mission Arm yourself with: 1.

Your absolute best sales presentation and the results that you had 2. The time that you learned something so well that it gave you a new confidence 3. The feeling you had when you were at your best in athletics 4. What it felt like to hold your new born child These exercises apply to any new venture that you will undertake in the future. Put yourself into a prime emotional and psychological state for success in the new venture. Once you've armed yourself with the feelings and the vision of your past success, go into your next project with a smile and an energy that will prove to make you unstoppable in the future.

It's simple. Here's a personal example that I use. One of the things that I do before I begin a project is to get a picture in my mind of the thing that makes me the happiest. Often times I use a picture of my wife and kids.

I go back to the fun things that we've done recently and over the years. Sometimes it's as simple as looking at their pictures on my desk. I remember my son as a three year old running in the back yard with a big spaghetti mess on his face and going into never ending belly laughs when I would grab him in my arms and raise him over my head and tickle his belly with my moustache. I remember my daughter, one of fire and passion, who can be so mad at me one moment and so forgiving and smiling the next.

She has a great spirit. I think of my wife who smiles and puts up with my neurotic ideas and helps me get them done. Her support is invaluable to me. I bring up those feelings and emotions and I charge into the next project with an energy and excitement that I know will help me be successful. Give it a shot! Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel an energy and happiness when you recall past experiences in your life.

Then use that emotion to do and become the person that you are capable of becoming. What are you waiting for? Just do it! To your best, Make the plan, work the plan - Fred Nicklaus.

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