Portable Crib Tips

There are several type of cribs for babies. One type that is gaining more popularity in the market is the portable crib. What benefits are there in getting a portable crib and what are the things to watch out for in picking one? Portable vs. Non Portable The most obvious benefit of a portable crib from a typical crib is that it can be folded and handily brought around during trips. These cribs usually come in different shapes and sizes and can be made of metal, wood or plastic.

Most popular plastic models have fine meshes instead of rails on the sides. Portable cribs are usually smaller in size than typical cribs which is why they are handier. The size and features however of a portable crib are still subject to government safety standards. Benefits of a Portable Crib Parents who are frequent travelers or who move around a lot can benefit most from a portable crib. This type of crib can be carried around easily and can provide the kind of comfort and security that your baby has been used to in his home crib. Portable cribs also double as play spaces.

This makes it perfect for families who would like some freedom to enjoy a picnic with the baby around. Feature and Safety Tips Not all portable cribs were made the same. Before you pick just any model or before you decide on how to use it, you should remember a couple of good tips.

- Constantly get the latest on crib recalls. Although most cribs have been designed with safety in mind, some models may sport features that may not immediately seem dangerous. After some time though, these products may be recalled because manufacturers and users have noticed a design flaw that may make it dangerous. Recall information is always available online.

Even if your model is brand new, make sure to check regularly if there is a recall order for it. - Always check the different parts of a portable crib before you buy it and occasionally as you use it. This will help ensure that your crib has no chipped parts that could injure your baby.

Pay special attention to the locks of the crib. Broken locks could cause a crib to collapse on your baby. - Make sure that the mesh is made of a tight material and does not have overly large holes. A mesh that does not meet current safety standards could rip and injure your baby. He could also get his fingers caught in large holes. There are suggestions that the wire mesh should be on all sides and not just on two sides.

Such a design can provide proper air flow. - Test and check the rail. Make sure that the collapsing mechanism does not immediately collapse on a downward V.

The safe kind of portable crib model is the one that has rails that move up in a V before collapsing down. This is a safety feature that can protect your baby from an accidental collapse. - Your crib shouldn't have controls that are accessible to your baby. Your baby could tamper with controls on the side and cause a crib to collapse.

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