Organic Crib Mattresses Six Reasons to Buy Organic

So much care and attention goes into preparing for a new baby, and its only natural that you would want to provide the very best.

One of the decisions that new parents are faced with is whether to choose a traditional or organic crib mattress. Organic crib mattresses work just as well as traditional mattresses but have the added benefit of being free from chemicals. Here are six considerations to help you in your purchasing decision:

1. By purchasing organically made products, such as a crib mattress, you are influencing the marketplace with your dollars. The more people purchase organic products, the more they are likely to be provided in the future.

Because organically grown cotton reduces the use of pesticides in fields, your purchase is helping the environment.

2. Switching from a traditional crib mattress to an organic crib mattress may be more than just an eco-friendly move.

It may be a matter of safety. Many traditional crib mattresses contain a number of materials with questionable effects. Experts are starting to look at everything from polyurethane foam to chemical fire retardants to see what kinds of effects they may have on growing babies.


Some experts say that organic crib mattresses, with their natural ingredients, allow air to flow freely through the mattress. The better air circulation may help your baby breathe better. In addition, some studies suggest that the organic cotton may lead to a lower incidence of allergic reactions.

4. Due to the recent interest in organic baby products, be wary of any misuse of the word organic in the marketplace. You want to make sure that you are getting a certified organic mattress. You can also call the Organic Consumers Association to get a list of accredited organic retailers.

5. If youre purchasing your organic crib mattress online, you need to read the fine print and look through the list of components.

A mattress may say that its organic, but lists polyurethane in the components, for example, it cant be 100 percent organic.

6. Organic crib mattresses are more expensive than traditional crib mattresses. But given the fact that a new baby spends 70 percent of her time sleeping, it might be worth a little bit extra to get an organic crib mattress.

When you lay your baby down on something you know is chemical free, you may find that you rest easier yourself.

Babies have been sleeping on traditional mattresses for a long time, so dont be overly alarmed by the claims or warnings that you might read online while researching organic baby gear. That said, with so many chemicals in our world today, it might make sense to research your options before making this important purchase.


About the Author (text)Jamie Jefferson writes for and, where she shares price comparisons on organic crib mattresses and organic baby lotions:

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