News Over Breakfast Makes Man Sick

Sam is recently divorced. He has a 5 year old daughter named Jeanne. His girlfried of 3 months is named Gina. Sam was awarded custody of Jeanne. The court decided that his exwife could no longer handle the responsibility of raising a child. She had many issues to overcome before she could productively contribute in the childs life.

Sams girlfriend lived at his house with Jeanne and Sam. He thought it was a good arrangement. It saved money and tested the waters for possible marriage later. At first it seemed like everything would workout well between the three. Jeanne seemed to get along with Gina and Sam was glad to have her help with the child. She looked after Jeanne while Sam worked.

For a few weeks everything seemed fine. Then Sam noticed a change in Jeanne. She started clinging to him as if he was going to leave forever.

She wanted to go everywhere with him. She even called him at work many times a day. Sam thought, she has never done this before.

He wanted to find out what was going on. He asked Gina if she had noticed anything different about Jeanne. She said no; she seemed fine to her. Sam couldnot help wondering what was troubling his child.

He could not sleep. He explored all possibilities in his mind. They lead no where. He continued to go to work, but he could not focus. One day about mid morning he decided to take a couple of hours off to get himself together.

He went to the local cafe to have breakfast and relax while he thought about Jeanne. He chose a private booth in the very back of the cafe. There he would be alone with his thoughts. He figured then he could solve the mystery. He sat with his back to the rest of the cafe. About a half hour later, her heard someone come into the cafe.

It sounded like a woman. She seemed to have a child with her. He heard her say lets sit over here as if she was talking to younger person. Sam could hear them but he could not see them. They were having and intense conversation.

There was something familiar about the voices but he could not place it. Their conversation revolved around marriage and family. The lady told the child that her father did not love her. She also said that as soon as they were married, she would be sent away. The child responded. Then it hit Sam like a ton bricks.

It was Gina and Jeanne. Sam turned around and saw the two. He got up and walked over. Gina tried to put on the charm but Sam heard every word. He said, what do mean telling her all that crap? He took Jeanne by the hand. He told Gina he never wanted to see her again.

The mystery was solved. Gina was trying to split Sam and Jeanne apart in an effort to secure marriage. You should know the people with whom you entrust your friendship and children. Sometimes your child may not be able to fully explain all that happens to them. Sometimes they are even afraid to tell you. It is up to you to know what is going on when you are not there.

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