Name a Star for Someone as a Gift

Making a person feel special by giving them a gift can sometimes be a challenge. Especially when you want to give someone something that is unique and lasting. What about naming a star after your friend or loved one as a gift? Undoubtedly, anyone would feel extra special and loved to find out that a star in the universe is named after them. Today, many people are availing of the star naming service to show how much they care about their friends, family, and loved ones.

People have always been fascinated by stars. In the earlier days, people only named the stars and constellations that they could see from the sky. They have created myths and stories about how these stars came to be. Stars have been connected to the gods and are usually perceived as something wonderful, splendid, and a symbol of hope. With the advancement of technology, people's fascination with the stars has not waned. When powerful telescope where invented, more stars were discovered and every day a new star is being added to the astrophysical inventory.

Some of the most famous stars and constellations were named after mythological gods and goddesses while others were named after the scientist who discovered them. But with billions of stars to name and discover, astronomers and scientists find it easier for them to refer to them by their official identification numbers. Thus, the International Astronomical Union is in charge of identifying stars, comets, asteroids and other celestial objects by giving them their official identity numbers. For non-astronomers, name a star services that are available on the web enable them to substitute these official identification numbers with the name of the most special person or people in their lives. Although scientists will probably never use these catalogs or record books to refer to a star by a person's name, it is still a thrill to know that one of the stars in the universe can be referred to by your given name. Today, you can find different online companies that offer this kind of service.

How is it done? A company will allow you to enter a person's name, and then they apply that name to one of the stars in their database. Some will allow you to search their database online to see more information about your star such as its telescopic coordinates and the magnitude level of it. Stars with lower magnitudes are much brighter and therefore, are more visible from the earth. Of course, you may get a star that can only be seen through binoculars or a powerful telescope. Naming a star works similar to making a regular online purchase. After placing your order from a company's website, your star certificate will be delivered to you.

Some companies deliver your certificate instantly in electronic format online. Whatever the occasion is ? whether it's for your wedding anniversary, a marriage proposal, birthday, Christmas or another memorable event in life, you can have that special date printed as the dedication date of the Star Certificate. Aside from giving it as a gift, you can also name a star in memory of a loved one who has passed away. This is what makes the name a star gift special.

Naming a star after a special person in your life shows how much you adore, cherish and love them.

You can name a star after someone you love at


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