Loosening That Belt At Christmas

Many of us face the upcoming holidays with a fatalistic shrug, when it comes to gaining weight. All of the parties and family gatherings this Christmas season center around food. And at this time of year, no one expects to find light fare at any event. So, everyone in the family spends December overindulging, when it comes to what we eat.

This is the one time of year when we should be able to overindulge a little, and enjoy the delicious and traditional foods that we find at all of the Christmas season's events. Still, we can make the season a little less destructive to our belts and waistlines, if we spend a little time considering how we eat. For instance, most gatherings and parties at Christmastime are about family and friends, about love and fellowship. We should remind ourselves, as we arrive at these gatherings, that we're here to enjoy our families and friends, and not just to taste every single dessert on the table.

When seeing a spread of holiday food on a buffet table for the first time, we instantly want to taste everything. But that's just not practical. Look at the food, carefully, and decide what you really want to have, then help yourself.

Just don't take large portions of everything offered-you can't possible enjoy it all, equally. If you know you'll be attending a party with good food, don't starve yourself all day, so that you can eat more. Arriving hungry is a perfect way to guarantee that you'll eat too much. Remember, the food is the party's enhancement, not its purpose. Many people tend to congregate around the food table, at parties. Next time you're at a party with a spread, observe the people who settle themselves far away from the table.

Chances are, they're the ones with the figures everyone else envies. Train yourself to enjoy party food, then move away from the spread. Kids will tend to indulge in tasty treats until they're stuffed, if they're not monitored. Your children probably will eat too many things, during the holdiay season, that you try to limit the rest of the year. The best thing you can do is to make sure they maintain their activity levels, and that, once Christmas is past, that they get back to their normal diets. Try not to hate yourself for enjoying all of the wonderful and traditional food you'll eat, this Christmas season.

Just understand the consequences, and accept the fact that, once January rolls around, you can resolve to burn those new pounds off with a few more miles on the treadmill. But it was worth it, wasn't it?.

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