Lets Belt Up What for

But let's find out whom they try to scare? The employees of hospitals or morgues? It looks like motorists have split into several groups: 1. The ones who always belt up no matter where they seat (I mean either a driver or a passenger) 2. The ones who never belt up. They usually motivate it by the high class of their driving mastery and the silly legend that safety belts are the only dangerous thing in an accident 3.

The ones who belt up time after time ? in town ? never, out of town ? seldom If we look a little closer we will easily find out that under these groups fall certain types of people. Or even vise versa ? certain automobiles. Let's take, for instance, old cars.

People seldom belt up in them for 2 basic reasons: the safety belts are definitely out of order due to the age of the car or they are so dirty that it is disgusting even to touch them not to speak of making them touch the clothes. In new cars in $12-20 000 price range, passengers belt up more frequently ? moreover, here you can encounter belted up youth. Life is beautiful, job ? amazing, why risk it all? The situation is even more peculiar in the more expensive auto market segments.

The owners of SUVs feel safe and rarely belt up and the owners of extremely expensive sport cars are completely sure that any situation is under their control ? so they hardly ever belt up. A number of manufacturers who fight for the safety of their clients make up special reminders for drivers in the form of annoying beepers and buzzers. But the thought is ahead of the progress: a safety belt is behind a seat ? looks like a real way out. The electronics is calm and nothing rubs the belly.

Of course, there are cars like Volvo, the drivers of which are simply "bound" with belts, but they are more of an exception. The cars with the sticker "Street Racing" stand out in a crowd ? the brave bodies of their owners hidden behind tinted glass reject all the safety features.

Auto safety tips should warn any driver to be aware of the road dangers. It does not matter what car makes and models you drive.


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