Learn to Say No So You Can Say Yes to Your Dreams

You've seen the movie, The Secret, you've made a Vision Board, you are self-correcting self-limiting thoughts. You are doing lots of the "right" things to achieve those big goals of yours. But wait. things aren't exactly going the way you would like them to. You are up to your eyeballs with personal and work commitments.

You feel stressed and overworked! Maybe your business and your personal life are in a slump, even though your are trying harder than ever to juggle everything, trying to make everything work out. In a past survey I conducted, I asked people what their top challenge was with time management. Hands down, the biggest challenge people face is how to prioritize! It seems that in the age of excess, we have an absolute abundance of opportunities, choices and decisions to make everyday.

Our To-Do lists begin to resemble an unraveling, never ending Scroll of Actions to be taken. It's making my palms sweat, just by talking about this! In the meantime, it can appear that the BIG GOAL, THE BIG DREAM, continues to be pushed to the back burner because, darn it, there's just not enough time to do everything. Sound familiar? Good News! There is a solution to this time management dilemma. It's called the "Art of Prioritization". It's critical to your success (both personally and professionally) that you know and act on your priorities. 1.

The way to do this is to select your "Big Goal (I'd limit the number of Big Goals to 1 Personal Goal and 1 Business Goal) What do you want to achieve in the next 90 days? 2. Do a Weekly Check-In. (My clients receive their own Weekly Success Worksheet every week, so they stay clear, on track and are accountable to their big goal) (Once a week, I do my Weekly Success Check-In sitting outside by the pool) Determine what you want to accomplish this week related to your 90 Day Goal. Take those actions and immediately plug them into your calendar for the upcoming week. 3. Stay true to yourself and your BIG GOALS by doing what you need to do in the upcoming week.

When other "things" come up you MUST ask yourself, "Does doing this move me closer to my desired goal?" You've got to do some "tough love" with yourself. It's easy to get distracted and get interrupted everyday with things that just aren't that important. Be strong. Be accountable. Say NO so that you can say YES! to your Goals and Dreams!.

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