Important Knowledge For Every Model

In the industry of modeling it is very important that one understands that becoming a model is more than just looks. There are millions of people that look good enough to be a model but only a select few that can make their way. The first and foremost important objective is proper posing. Based on whether you plan on being a glamour model or a fashion model your pose must fit the part. This can take a large amount of practice as well as criticism.

You must be comfortable while posing to make it seem more natural. The human eye can easily tell when something isn't right especially when the spotlight is on you. Using productive criticism you and your critics should choose about five to ten poses you like best. Don't be afraid to use ones you have seen previously in magazines or on TV from previous shoots.

Confidence is also a very important part of modeling. Just like having a natural pose, people can see right through someone without confidence. You will want to make sure your eyes, body language, and posture show no fear. Working with a photographer that you are comfortable with will give you that extra needed confidence.

You should only adjust away from good posture if you are instructed by your photographer unless the shoot requires a different feel. Pay close attention to your facial and hand expressions. Depending on the type of modeling this may need to be non-existent to very bright. Remember to pay attention to your critics when practicing your expressions because even though you may be trying to do one expression you cannot tell what your expressions look like to others. Once again, practice will bring improvement! There are also many things to avoid when modeling. As noted above, keeping the feel natural is very important.

Many models will try to suck in their stomachs or hold their breath. This can be easily seen and discouraged by the trained eye that will be analyzing you. You will want your entire body to be in a relaxed state to make your beauty shine in your audience's eyes. Always avoid stiffness unless instructed otherwise. Smiling is great but only if it fits the shoot. Many shoots will require serious facial expressions or even timid ones.

Follow the feel of the shoot and always pay attention to your photographer's remarks and instructions.

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