HypnoPsychic Manifesting

During the 1970's there was a very successful method of manifesting called "Silva Mind Control." Jose Silva, the founder, in a desire to help his children do better in school, started studying hypnosis. As he worked with them he soon discovered they were not only beginning to excel academically, but as well, they began to "know" the answers to the questions he would grill them on BEFORE HE EVEN ASKED THE QUESTIONS!!! I had a similar experience with my studies when I was twelve years old.

I asked my mother to help me get better grades in school. She taught me a method she learned from the secret order of the Rosicrucians, which I believe was a type of self-hypnosis. The results were stunning. At first I began to "act" like a strait "A" student, raising my hand in class and began studying more.

But when the tests came around something unexpected happened. I started "knowing" the answers to questions I did not study. They might have been "trick questions" or "curve balls" the teacher had put on the test, but there they were and there I knew the answers. It turned out my "knowing" did not end there. At times I would play the "52 Pickup" card game with my younger sister. We would turn the deck face down and mix all the cards.

One of us would choose a card and then attempt to find its match. If we did not have a match we had to submit our turn to our partner. When my turn would come I would know the cards and almost match the entire deck by my second or third turn, giggling all the way through. Needless to say my sister did not like playing this card game with me, although I would beg her to continue. It was so much fun! I believe I had this type of lucidity because of I had practiced simple self-hypnosis layered upon an extremely open and active child's mind.

If you would like to improve your ability to manifest as well as develop intuitively then try this meditation. Get into a comfortable position seated or lying down where you will not be interrupted for at least five to ten minutes. 1.

Take in a few deep breaths and relax. 2. Imagine you are in a field and off in the distance you see a water well. 3.

You walk over to it and peer down into the well. 4. There is no water in the well, but rather you realize it is a very long tunnel with a white light at the very end of it way off in the distance. 5.

You notice a stairway curving along the inner perimeter of the tunnel. It starts at the top of the inside of the tunnel down clockwise to a white light at the very end. 6. You feel compelled to step into the well and climb onto the staircase. 7. As you walk down the stairs you count backwards slowly from 10.

Each number represents a station and is separated by at least five steps. At each station you suggest to yourself you are going deeper and deeper into the well and into a relaxed sleep until you arrive at the white light at zero. 8. You enter the white light.

9. This is the spiritual realm. It looks like any place that is extremely familiar, pleasant and relaxing to you. This is the place where your mind creates reality and you can know things just by asking. 10.

Take time to create a new reality for yourself or to connect to spirit to obtain information. Repeat out loud to yourself your goals as if they were fulfilled already. For example, say, "I am now enjoying a peaceful and loving relationship with my perfect mate.

" Or ask for guidance from the spiritual realm on a subject that is bothering you. Wait silently for the answer or the answer may come to you later in the day. After completing this exercise you may return to normal consciousness by climbing up the well back to the surface counting up to the number 10 and suggesting you are becoming more and more awake as you move towards the top. Be prepared for exciting changes in you life if you follow this practice daily.

What you focus your inner mind on for at least 7 minutes a day has no choice but to manifest into your outer world. We are all subject to this law of creation. The difficulty in activating the law is the methods we use to access it. You will find this hypno-psychic method to work quite well.

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