How to Overcome Procrastination by Understanding Why You Do

Learning to overcome procrastination is not an easy task in itself, but down the road it will pay off greatly. People suffer many losses in their lives due to procrastination. There are numerous reasons why people procrastinate.

Some of the most obvious and most common are: 1. Perfectionism This person does not want to fail at anything. They will go so far not to fail that they won't get the project or task done at all. They put it off and put it off and if they do not complete the task, they don't have to face any mistakes that they may have made.

What they do not realize is that by not doing or completing the task, they have failed. 2. Fantasizing This type of procrastinator has great intentions and grandiose ideas that sound great. However, they are so grand that they can't put it all together. In the end, they have no results at all.

3. Fear The procrastinator dreads or fears doing a specific task. They are out of their comfort zone and can't handle change.

They simply put off the task for fear of upsetting someone else or for fears that they may not do the job right. 4. Crisis Maker This type of procrastinator thinks that they work better under pressure. In reality, they do not.

Their work is put off until the last minute and then they are stressed under pressure. 5. Angry When someone gives this type of procrastinator a task that he/she may not want, they resent it.

They tend to finish the task, however, it is usually done poorly. 6. Overdoer This procrastinator will purposely take on more tasks that are of lesser importance.

They will avoid the rel task at hand and then use the excuse that they were way to busy to complete the task. 7. Pleasure Seeker This particular procrastinator wants to put off the work until after the playing and having fun is complete.

The end result is usually a task that is poorly done and without heart. To overcome each of these types of procrastination, here are seven observations on each specific type of procrastinator. 1. The perfectionist needs to learn that he/she is human and they need to start allowing for errors in their life.

They need to concentrate on the deadline of the task first and then go back and look at details. 2. The fantasizing procrastinator needs to think before they speak of some of their big ideas. They need to learn how to tone their ideas down a notch and when and if the project is done by a certain time, then maybe they can go back in and correct it, and fine-tune it. 3. The procrastinator that shows signs of fear needs to face their fears head on.

Tackle that dreaded project or task and learn to think outside the box. Change is inevitable and we all need to get used to it. 4. The crisis maker needs to realize that by working under too much pressure, they are not getting the best work finished. 5. The angry procrastinator likes to be in control.

Simply put, they need to just get over it. There will be many times throughout our lives that we have to follow rules and regulations that we do not like. 6. The over doer needs to learn to prioritize and get the most important tasks done first. This type also needs to spend a little less time on minor details.

7. The Pleasure seeker needs to get the work done first and then go hunting, fishing, playing and etc done last.

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