How to Maximize Your Personal Power

I have a thought provoking story to tell you. Come closer and listen. Once upon a time, a Chinese student was sitting with his master under an old crooked tree in the forest.

The student broke the silence and said to his master, "Master, this tree is very old and ugly. It is of no use. It can't be used for lumbering or to build a house or for any other purpose. It is useless – why don't we chop it down and plant a useful tree instead?" The wise Chinese master smiled and said to his student, "Son, look around the forest. Do you see a tree of better shadow to protect people from the hot, sunny days, than this old tree?" The student looked around, and with great surprise he said, "No, this tree does provide the best shadow." The Chinese master smiled and said, "That is why this tree is here.

You see it as useless only because you want to make something different out of it. Son, everything in this universe is here for a reason, and it is through that reason that its brilliance is fully expressed." Here is an undisputed fact: Like that wonderful shade tree, you are unique.

You lose your personal power when you start trying to become a different person. If you are an introvert, you may try to change your essence and become a social butterfly just to please other people. If you excel at a certain sport, you may give it up just because someone told you that a college degree is much more important than being an athlete. And that kind of drama can pervade your life each and every day – the drama of trying to live in the illusion that you would be a better person if you could only change who you really are. And in living that illusion, you lose your personal power.

You are what you are because that is how you were crafted to fulfill your purpose. When you overlook your uniqueness and the very reason for your existence, you lose your potential and you lose your personal power. Take back your power, magnificent man! It is unlimited, and you can perform miracles with it. Just be yourself and listen to your heart. The day you were born, your heart started playing a symphony, the most spectacular symphony ever heard. It is the symphony of your legacy, the symphony of your greatness.

Listen to it. Resonate with it. Dance to its rhythms.

And unleash your greatness. Your full personal power is hidden in your heart. It is only when you listen to that music and decide to be yourself that you can change the whole world, and discover that there are no limits to what you can achieve. You will only reach your full potential and personal power through effortlessness, and by not resisting your own nature and uniqueness. Be yourself and listen to your heart. Just show the universe the resplendent beauty of who you really are, and let your symphony play on!.

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