Hot Trends in Sexy Halloween Costumes

Sexy Halloween costumes have become extremely popular in the past few years, and trends are moving down south -- south as in the size of clothing, that is. Expect to see even sexier Halloween costumes with classic accessories, pin-up inspired designs, and naughty versions of your father's favorite sport. Here's what hot now in adult, sexy Halloween costume design. Trends Return to the 40s and 50s Currently fashion is heading back to the glamour years of the 40s, and so are sexy Halloween costumes.

Instead of the porn-esque sexiness of costumes showcased in the last decade, Halloween costumes are slowly being replaced with classy, burlesque-inspired numbers. Dita Von Teese, a famous burlesque dancer, has modeled for some of these sexy Halloween costumes. Most of these sexy designs featured pin-up legends (think Bettie Page).

As fashion turns to the past for its inspiration, more and more Halloween costumes will take the same path. Expect to see sexy pin-up costumes, such as Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page, and classic designs revived. High-waist Halloween costumes will also come into play. Short, Sexy, and Seductive On the opposite end, more revealing adult Halloween costumes are being introduced to the market. The popular nurse costumes of last year are being shortened drastically -- but this shortening isn't with the amount of Halloween costumes being produced. This shortening has to do with the length of these sexy Halloween costumes.

Skirts are shorter (some are even intended to show off your bum), V-necks are dipping downwards, and there is less and less emphasis on covering those private assets. Clearly trends are saying less is more when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes. Adult Costumes Trends Turning to the Obscure More trends in adult costuming lean towards obscure, offensive designs.

Last year showcased the controversial Anna-Rexia costume, an adult Halloween costume meant to make Anorexia look sexy. Advocacy groups were outraged by this design and said it mocked the seriousness of Anorexia Nervosa. Another adult costume showcased was a psychiatric ward costume. So what should you expect this year? Look for more obscure designs hitting markets, and expect Anna-Rexia to stay in season for Halloween costumes. Expect to see more designs make certain mental issues look sexy, and do expect more advocacy groups to be outraged by these trends.

This Isn't Your Father's Sports Team! Sexy Halloween costumes versions of sports-related professions have grown in popularity, and many women are choosing to wear these suggestive designs to Halloween after-parties. What to expect: very adult baseball costumes, adult Halloween referee costumes, sexy football designs, and Nascar girls. These sexy Halloween costume trends don't look like they'll die out anytime soon. Trends Leaning to Post 9/11 Adult Halloween Designs Now these trends are a bit perplexing. Since 9/11, police and firefighter Halloween costumes have become extremely popular.

Coincidence? There are so many sexy versions of these hero-inspired costumes that you can't shop without running into at least three different versions of these popular designs. Chances are these sexy Halloween costume designs will increase in popularity. It's also important to note that trends in sexy male costuming have not changed since the beginning of adult Halloween costuming. This just doesn't seem to be a growing field, so don't expect anything new with sexy male costumes. Clearly the females are leading this round. The growth in this area will continue to expand for years to come, so watch for new designs and sexy Halloween costume takes on modest ideas.

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