Grocery Shopping on a Tight Budget

It can be difficult to do the grocery shopping when money is tight; you need to provide your family with nutritional meals and still have money left over to put gas in the car and clothes on their backs. This article will provide some tips to help you save some money in the grocery store and still be able to prepare meal plans that keep everyone satiated and healthy. Plan ahead. When it comes to grocery shopping, the amount you spend doesn't stop with the receipt total. It also costs money to get to the store and back, and perhaps even for parking.

The best way to cut down on these costs is to shop close to where you live, ideally between your residence and the place where you work. That way, you can drop in on the way home without making an extra trip. Set your meal plan.

If you go shopping with an idea of the kinds of meals you are going to make during the following week you will cut costs because you aren't buying on a whim. Moreover, you will be ensuring that any fresh produce you buy won't go to waste, as you are going to use it right away. Eat something before you go! Studies have shown that people who shop on an empty stomach are more likely to buy items they don't really need. If something looks good to you when you're shopping and hungry, odds are pretty high that you'll get it. These impulse buys can add up quickly, so it's best to avoid the temptation. Comparison shop.

Always consult the fliers that come in your local newspaper or mail out to see which stores are offering the best deals on similar products. This will help you plan out both your meal lists and your shopping destinations week to week; just make sure you aren't paying extra in gas to save those few pennies on chicken across town! Avoid junk food. Junk food appears cheap due to the labeling, but it's actually much more cost efficient to buy healthy food instead. Five bananas in the produce section, for example, will generally cost a lot less than a bag of chips.

Moreover, chips and other processed snacks won't fill you up; it's much healthier and more cost efficient to buy pasta, for example. Avoid prepared foods. Foods that are prepped up before hand command much higher prices than foods you have to do prepare yourself; convenience has a price, and you need to decide what it's worth for your family. Buying a whole chicken, for example, is cheaper than purchasing a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

You can make more than one meal out of a whole chicken if you plan your cuts and buy the right additional ingredients. Buying groceries on a tight budget actually means that you have an opportunity to incorporate a much healthier diet than if you were to spend a lot of money. Make sure nothing goes to waste, be prepared to spend a little extra time preparing your meals and making use of leftovers, and you will be sure to see an improvement in your grocery spending.

Using a plastic bag handle or a bag holder are great to reduce the discomfort of carrying groceries, and minimize the number of trips from car to house.


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