Gift Ideas for College Grads fun college graduation gift idea

Gift ideas for college grads can seem depressingly lame - or, perhaps ironically, sophomoric. Standard gift ideas for college grads range from money (to kick off life in the real world outside the "womb" of the university), jewelry, briefcases, appliances, computer equipment, and the occasional gag gift. All told, these gifts can actually seem kind of depressing - an indicator that the "fun is over.

" On the other end of the spectrum, however, are the so called super personalized gift ideas for college grads. These include elaborate home made photo collages, quilts, poems, and other corny memorabilia. Fortunately, there is a way to thread the needle - to make a gift that's uplifting, personalized, and fun without breaking the bank or wasting a week of your life.

The solution is to create a personalized magazine cover for your favorite scholar. You simply upload a picture onto an online template and set the background, cover design, headline template, and color scheme as you see fit. Make a sentimental cover featuring the grad and all his or her college friends, or include funny personal jokes or stories as bylines. Alternatively, get really goofy and send up the grad by making a personalized magazine cover about his or her future career as "Accountant of the Year" or highlighting a particularly embarrassing moment at school.

The sky is the limit creatively, but the good news is that the built-in templates offer you an easy platform for both humor and sentiment. Best of all, you should be able to upload your pictures, fill out your templates, and order the final product in just one session at the computer - no need to agonize for days over a homemade arts and crafts project. Also, a personalized magazine cover isn't expensive at all, so it can be a "supplement" for a more serous and sober minded gift, if you really want to go all out. Craft your own wildly creative personalized gift at yourcover.

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