Getting Out and About With Baby

If the weather is nice, dont hesitate to go for a walk. Though, because it will be several months before your babys internal temperature control is fully mature, it will be important to dress him or her properly for the outside world. Generally, you should add one additional layer of clothing than what you would wear outdoors. Your babys skin is also very susceptible to sunburn, thus it is important to keep him or her out of direct sunlight as much as you possibly can. Hats and bonnets can be useful in shielding the sun from the face.

Sun block creams and lotions are not recommended for babies under six months of age. Another concern for the warm weather months is the heating up of baby equipment left to sit in the sun for long periods. Plastic and metal components on car seats and strollers can heat up quickly in the sun and burn your baby. Make sure to check the temperature of any surface before you allow your baby to make contact with it. When it is cold and or rainy, it is best to keep your baby indoors.

If you need to be outdoors, bundle him or her up in a bunting, warm sweater, or blankets. Dont forget a hat to shield the head and ears and socks or slippers to keep feet warm. For lengthier journeys, you will find that infancy is a fairly easy time for traveling. For the first few months, your baby will be content if he or she is fed, has a clean nappy, and a comfortable place to sit or lie.

As long as you fulfill these basic needs, your baby will be a somewhat easy travel companion. As well, you will find travel much easier if you can keep your baby on a somewhat consistent routine, similar to what is experienced at home. Keeping sleeping and eating times the same will help keep your baby happy. Bringing along familiar items from home such as blankets and toys will also help your baby adapt to travel. When packing for a trip, you will find it easier to pack your babys items in a separate bag. This will help you find them quickly when you need them and minimize the chance that you will forget something.

You will also want to carry a large diaper bag at all times with all the essentials such as nappies, wipes, toys, and bottles.

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